Things will get Rotten on Question Time

Not the biggest of news, but definitely one of the most funniest and exciting pieces of news. John Lydon is going to appear on question time, brilliant. This could be on of the best pieces of controversial television, and if you don’t know why just have a browse at the clip below to see what they’re letting out on question time.

I found this video hilarious. Hopefully he will be this volatile on the show, and express his views because underneath all the swearing and that he actually has some good views, views that make you think and say ‘yeah, you could put it that way John, do it with one less fuck in the sentence?’.

So lets just hope this is true, it happens and they let him have his own time to say what he wants :).

Here are the Sex Pistols.

Ringo puts Nail in the Coffin for Mini Fab Four Idea

So Ringo has come out and said the four sons of The Beatles won’t be uniting to create a mini fab four, is this a good thing?

Yeah it is, I think it sounds like a good idea, but definitely would not work out well I don’t think. It’s like having a starter, a main course then knowing you’re full and you shouldn’t have the dessert because you’ll throw up, it’s a bit like that.

I think it would be a good gimic because I suppose you could get them to cover The Beatles stuff, and become a very good Beaatles cover band, but I don’t think they could do their own stuff. Partly because they would always be compared to their fathers, and because they will never get out of their father shadows like Julian and Dhani.


Oh and does anyone think Ringo should stop wearing the earring?

Holograms take over – 24-04-12 – AW

Haven’t got time for a review on a an album, been up since 7 , been working like mad, but I thought I’d just do a quick blog. Got some music to look at though the Dirty Little Lies have got some new music which I have got to have a look at so, should be good.

Just thought I’d say a quick word on this whole hologram thing when I first saw it and watched the video with the hologram of
Tupac I was pretty impressed, and I thought it was quite good. Then the news came out that Snoop Dogg might tour with it (I don’t know, i’m not completely sure), I was excited for the prospect of that happening. I was reading some blogs on the news and I commented on one of them saying I wonder if that would spur on a whole thing of getting other dead idols and bringing them back and having them tour.

I think why not, would it be a bad thing, if people wanna see it and will pay for it why not? I was talking to some of my friends, and asking if they would pay too see like a hologram of Kurt Cobain Playing? or the sex pistols with Sid viscous?  The old Beatles line up? I’d pay for it, I mean I wouldn’t pay a high price but £20 I think I would. Just wondered what everybody else thinks on this?