PULP – After You


For those of you who do not know, I’m quite a big PULP fan (even though I haven’t seen them live). Three of their albums would probably make it in my top 30 Albums, those albums would be ‘This is hardcore’, ‘Different Class’ and ‘His ‘n’ Hers’. Good idea actually I might do the whole top 30 thing when I have the time.

Pulp are a very special band that have there own sound and probably couldn’t be imitated by another band because it doesn’t work without Jarvis. Without Jarvis and his sexy quirky lines and his unique vocals the songs wouldn’t work.

I was excited to see that they brought out a new song because I never listened to them while I was growing up so it was nice to think that I was actually into them when this song got brought out, and it’s a pretty good song. I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best songs they’ve ever done, but it is a pretty strong one with lyrics and that same old sound that they pull of so well. I’m glad to hear that they didn’t try and adapt their music to what is going around now, or try and change their sound or style, they’ve kept it like they should’ve done. Overall, a great song and hopefully this will spark off a new album or some more live shows, I doubt it though, I really doubt it. Listen and enjoy.

Blur’s new tunes

Sorry for the absence of my blog yesterday everyone (nobody), I had one all lined up (I didn’t) and I was really annoyed I wasn’t able to get on here and blog my little heart out (I really didn’t give a shit).

Okay, Blur have got two new songs and I had a listen and this is what I think of them. I think they’re alright.  Well, I think one of em’ is, I think I will have to grow to like the other one, like a boy would have to grow to accept his step-dad.

I really like, under the westway, at the moment I’m in to quite mellow music with melody and quite quiet and easy listening and that’s what this songs is. It’s pleasant to listen to, and I think the piano in it which Damon is playing of course is really (I know it sounds simple) nice. I think it show’s how far blur have come, because they are quite the accomplished musicians now with some great records under their belt. I think they’re probably one of the best British bands.

Next we have ‘The puritan’, the lyrics I think are great, they make me think which is one of the things lyrics should do. I’m not keen on the noise that’s going on behind the lyrics though, I don’t think it sounds very good, but I do feel that this will grow on me because I’ve only listened to it twice and both times I’ve listened to it with the sound down, and I think it needs to be blasting out.

But two okay songs by Blur, which are both very different. Have a listen.