NEW MUSIC NOW! American Anymen- ‘Beach and the Sun!



Today on New Music Now is punk outfit American Anymen, a three-piece from New York!

Their music is incredibly alternative with a a very lo-fi sound in all aspects, from the instruments to the vocals, which is something a lot of bands tend not to do now. The sound is reminiscent of something that The Strokes would do in their earlier days, however American Anymen have less of a pop edge to them and more of an angsty teenage vibe surrounding them with a lot of aggression.

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Their new song”Beach and the Sun” shows a lot of promise as the band clearly have a goal of what they want their music to sound like, and they don’t hold back. The song doesn’t come across as aggressive as a stereotypical punk song, yet the spirit of the song has an edge to it.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

NEW MUSIC NOW! Pure Youth – ‘Other Side’



To follow a trend that’s been set here, once again New Music is being promoted today and it’s Pure Youth with their long awaited new track ‘Other Side‘, a song filled with noise and energy throughout. The track starts with a nice soft opening before it jolts into action and pummels you with crashing drum beats and an atmospheric sounding guitar.

It has UK indie lad band plastered all over it as it has several influences on show from Catfish and the Bottlemen along with Circa Waves and The Naked and Famous. However the band do not hide from this as they wear it bravely and pull it off with style. It’s a risky move having these styles so blatantly on show yet they manage to have their own twist making them a completely different act.

It may have been a while waiting for this track but it’s been worthwhile as the band have been working very hard and it’s paid off. Now they’re on the WFM radar they won’t be dropped, as I wait eagerly for new material.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

New Music Now! West of the Sun – ‘Siberian Hysteria’


West of the Sun are a new band that has been stumbled on by chance, and they’ve been found at the right time as they’ve just released their new single ‘Siberian Hysteria’. The five piece from North London have been around for just over three years, making a strong name for themselves gaining fans from all around the UK, and this new track will throw them deeper into the depths of recognition.

The fast paced build up initially fused with electronic sounds is an interesting way to start the track, and when the beat drops and the slow methodical guitar comes in the band have you in their hands. The song is relatively slow paced with a huge psychedelic influence spraying from all corners, yet it has this desert Arabian feel to it which is really sleek and different. The vocals are spoken and not thrown out at you, which mixes well with the feeling of the song especially as it spirals out at the end.

You can purchase the track to if you just follow this link >>

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

Lovats release new song ‘Fiction’



Lovats’ much anticipated new single ‘Fiction’ is finally here and it’s as big as we knew it was going to be. The Birmingham five-piece had success with their previous single ‘White Fair’, and this will do exactly the same, if not better.

‘Fiction’ is a loud and hazy ride that goes on for over three minutes, but due to how good it is, the song ends too soon. Lovats seem to be stepping away from what a number of Birmingham bands are doing, which will only help them as they will stick out from large bunch of bands. Their songs have this catchy quality that is vital for most successful songs, the “la la la’s” could easily get a whole crowd singing along and spilling their pints over each other.

It’s another big step for Lovats, and it’s a very important one as they continue to pull in a bigger fan base and get everyone excited. Now all we need is a full  EP from the band which will push them even further!

Words By Alex Wise @al456

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