New Release | The Clause release Video for ‘Tokyo’

Birmingham Band The Clause Share New Music Video for the Edgy ‘Tokyo’

Back in April Birmighan band The Clause released ‘Tokyo’ which could be argued as their best track to date. The rip roaring chorus made it’s way through Birmingham, firing the band among the conversation of best up and coming bands in the Second City.

Four months on and the band have released the gritty music video to go along with edgy track, with the band showing a bit of Birmingham off in some places. The sleek production of the video where the band is playing in a blacked out room is pretty cool, a very stylish touch.

The video is a great addition to the track as it gives it even more depth, and making it feel like the bands best release to date.

With this being released it proves that The Clause have a got a lot to offer, and I’m looking forward to see what they produce towards the end of the Year!

The band are playing the HUGE Birmingham Weekender at The Castle & Falcon which spreads across Friday 17th August – Sunday 19th!

Get your tickets – Here!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Spilt Milk Society release new video!

Spilt Milk Society Release Video for ‘Amsterdam’

The Birmingham/Liverpool band released ‘Amsterdam’ late last year, and since then it has got me dancing everytime it gets airtime on the WFM 2018 Playlist.

Three months down the line we suddenly get the video to combine with the track, and it’s everything it should be. The video features people with horse heads, drinking milk and a horse/human conga line. It’s entertaining.

Spilt Milk Society are another band who are looking to do big things this year, and pieces of work like this will get people’s attention.

They have a gig coming up April 8th in London, if you can make it down there, make sure you get down there! Free Tickets below.


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise