Natalie Bouloudis has stepped forth from her home, where she usual records music in her kitchen, and out into the world. And we are glad she has done so. Bouloudis takes inspiration from literature and she fills her songs with mythical imagery. Second single ‘Firebird’ is no different. It is the follow up to the evocative debut single ‘Burning Pier.’ It tells the story of someone rising from the ashes like a phoenix. For this reason, the song is nothing but uplifting.    

‘Firebird’ was recorded live, which complements the smoky folk/blues vibe of Bouloudis’ music. The song invites you into the room to be a part of the story. Her songs are spellbinding and the influences of Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, The Cure and, of course, Bowie can clearly be heard. And like those great singers, Bouloudis has a voice that is unique and truly beautiful.   

Her debut EP ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ is out in May.                                                                                             

You can purchase the track via the link below.