New Music Now! Hana Oceans – ‘Dust’



After a hectic day rushing around with your head on a swivel, Hana is the ideal artists to have on in the background to take all the stress away and bring peace to your mind. ‘Dust’ is perfect.

Hana is a special artists who lets her vocals take control of the song completely, and it has this unique gloss that gives it an atmospheric sound. Her vocals could be compared to Lucy Rose as it has that soft blanket that surrounds them which enhances their angelic qualities. The song will not be in your face and demand attention, but it will win you over subtely with a sense of calmness. The strings behind her simply enhance her desirable gift of a voice, making it a delicate listen.




Watch: gold jacks – ‘Take it back’

Today on the spotlight is Gold Jacks new single ‘Take it Back’, who his shaping up to be one of the bands best piece of work.

The smart and sleek sound that the Manchester fourpiece make could be likened to the Arctic Monkeys latest album or the Editors, however their eerie sound to the track sets it apart. The song is a slow burner as it builds the suspense and tension, but when it’s loses its top and hangs loose the track bursts to life with a glorious solo and crashing drums.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

Quiet as a Mouse – ‘Memorybox’



Todays New Music Now is ‘Memorybox’ by Quiet as a Mouse, a tidy a little four piece from Edinburgh.

The song is a slow methodical listen which entices you from the very beginning. However when the drum drops and the guitars are let of the leash it turns into a wall of sound, something similar to what The Maccabbees often in the middle of their songs. With a chorus that will stick out in the mind,the track is successful.

This track is part of their EP ‘Memorybox’ which is also a triumph, you can purchase the EP here.