NEW MUSIC NOW! Luna Rose – ‘Mercurial Man’

Luna Rose are one of the rising band in the UK and after the release of their self entitled debut EP nearly 8 months ago the band have continued to drive their momentum. With a number of shows around the UK going incredibly well, it’s clearly encouraged the band to jump back into the studio to create one of their best song to date ‘Mercurial Man‘.

The track clocks in just over four minutes and give you plenty to chew on throughout that time. The song almost sounds like a jamming session, and you’re involved in the creation of the song. It seems like the track was spawned out of instinct rather than planning and developing, with the fast paced start it eventually begins to slow down and this continues throughout the whole song. The hazy guitars along with the far out vocals gives out this psychedelic feel which works incredibly well.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

NEW MUSIC NOW! Basement Revolver – ‘ Johnny pt.2’

Featuring on today’s New Music Now we have Basement Revolver and their brand new track ‘Johnny Pt.2‘! After huge success with their original Johnny track, the band are back with the second part, and is even better. The track has a very moody overtone to it, andis centered around the loss of someone, which the band have clarified.

Most of the songs on this EP are dealing with the aftermath of a breakup, the mental health issues exacerbated by this breakup, or the moving forward from said breakup – I think that we’ve all been there!”

The track is very bold and has hints of shoegaze around it with it’s increased hazy feeling, which creates a great sense of disillusion and confusion. The vocals on this track set the tone for the song perfectly, with the slow and heartfelt delivery it’s quite easy to spot that this song is somewhat personal. Which is one of the great features of this song, its emotion and the well created atmosphere by the band for this song to live.

Words by Alex Wise




Loved Ones are due to release their second album ‘Harness’ on 5 May. The first single ‘End Of An Error’ showcases how the band’s sound has developed since their debut album. The song sees the band move away from a lo-fi ambient rock sound. And it is safe to say that the album will continue that trait. The Liverpool quartet have spent most of their time recently recording soundtracks. An element of that work is present in the new single, but it’s the Hot Chip style vocals that really hit you first.

The drum beat keeps a fast pace throughout the track, while the piano melody works itself quickly into the brain and sets up home. The beat and melody combine well to create a sound perfect for any summer festival, even if the lyrics contradict the sunny vibes of the music.

Lead singer Nik Glover said: “We tried to turn our traditional song structure on its head in End of an Error, piling all the melodies into the verse and letting the chorus speed past with hardly any vocals.”

Adding: “It’s a song about naive teenage love and regret, and why sometimes ripping up all your memories of a relationship is better than trying to hold on to it.”

The song gets better with every play.

Words by David Chrzanowski @D_Chrzanowski


Natalie Bouloudis has stepped forth from her home, where she usual records music in her kitchen, and out into the world. And we are glad she has done so. Bouloudis takes inspiration from literature and she fills her songs with mythical imagery. Second single ‘Firebird’ is no different. It is the follow up to the evocative debut single ‘Burning Pier.’ It tells the story of someone rising from the ashes like a phoenix. For this reason, the song is nothing but uplifting.    

‘Firebird’ was recorded live, which complements the smoky folk/blues vibe of Bouloudis’ music. The song invites you into the room to be a part of the story. Her songs are spellbinding and the influences of Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, The Cure and, of course, Bowie can clearly be heard. And like those great singers, Bouloudis has a voice that is unique and truly beautiful.   

Her debut EP ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ is out in May.                                                                                             

You can purchase the track via the link below.

NEW MUSIC NOW! The Recoupes – ‘Lovin It’


‘Lovinit’ is the brand new song from Essex four-piece The Recoupes, who have been creating some noise for quite a while now and this song is another testament to their hard work and desire to play music. ‘Lovinit‘ has all the corner stones of a great summer indie track, which is what it is. The subtle build with the light guitars, the cool vocals laying over the top of them and the big blowout at the end. It’s easy to imagine flying down a country lane with this song being played ridiculously loud and realising how good you’ve got it.

Another great track from these guys, cannot wait for them to go ahead and release more stuff, can see this being an important year for them.

New Music Now! Table Scraps-‘My Obsession’


Table Scraps are a Birmingham band that have been consistently providing great tracks for a number of years now, so it’s no surprise to hear that their latest track ‘My Obsession‘ is any different. It’s amazing to note that in the ever changing world of music and how quickly it moves that Table Scraps have never changed their style or sound, which is possibly one of the best things about them. You know when you’re about to listen to Table Scraps that you’re going to get loud visceral guitars with these punchy drums, which come out and meet you face to face.

‘My Obsession’ does exactly that, with the crashing drums and this disjointed guitar bursting in at the start you already feel like you’re being haunted from within and are just waiting for those unique vocals. As the vocals come in they’re right in your face demanding your attention, and you have to give in. The simplicity of the song is great as there’s not much going on in terms of complexity, but the noise is that raw and gutfull it’s automatically very gripping. The breakdown within song is possibly one of the best parts, because the fuzz and anger flaring off the guitar is something to just enjoy.

If you like what you hear, be sure to catch the guys live wherever you can!


Monday 24th April​ – Crofters Rights, Bristol Thursday

27th April​ – Hare & Hounds, Birmingham Tuesday

2nd May​ – Old Blue Last, Shoreditch, London Thursday

4th May​ – Sound Bar, Liverpool

Also be sure to follow the band wherver they are on Social Media, they’re a pretty entertaining follow!

Instagram: @table_scraps


New Music Now! Marc Scibilia – ‘Untamed’


The sensation of Marc Scibilia has released his new track ‘Untamed‘ ahead of his upcoming tour across the US! The track is a slow and methodical as Marc subtly sings over a heavy dose of guitar that is dripping with reverb, somewhat combing the genres of pop and rock rather well. Marc always delivers and this song is no different, so should he be brezzing past your town be sure to drop in and show your face!

April 14 – Alexandria, Virginia @ The Birchmere
April 17 – Columbus, Ohio @ Rumba Cafe
April 18 – Buffalo, New York @ Buffalo Iron Works
April 19 – Boston, Massachusetts @ The Red Room at Cafe 939
April 21 – Chicago, Illinois @ Schubas Tavern
July 22 – Des Moines, IA @ Nitefall on the River (opening for Phillip Phillips)

New Music Now! Swine Tax – ‘Chronic’

Chronic’ is the debut single from Newcastle Upon Tyne Alt-Rock band Swine Tax. Considering this is the first single from the band they’ve been increasingly brave with this song, as they haven’t held back in any aspect, and delivered something alternative which music fans should warm to. However the noise they’ve created feels empowering while maintaining an eerie vibe,  something which wouldn’t seem strange to hear on a Radiohead or Joy Division Record. Also ‘Chronic‘ is a very personal song which interrogates frontman Vince Lisle’s  feelings of inadequacy in intimate relationships whilst living with a debilitating chronic pain condition, so to deliver something so honest and truthful on your first track is commendable as a songwriter, and hopefully something we can continue to hear from the band.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

NEW MUSIC NOW! The Weeks – ‘Start it Up’

‘Start it Up’ is the latest release from Jackson, MS four-piece The Weeks and is taken off their upcoming album Easy, which will be released April 7th.  After listening to the track for 20th time this morning (Which won’t be the last) it’s easy to pick up on the catchy nature of the song, which is showcased at the beginning of the track with a deep rhythmic bass line that brings you to the party. All throughout the song your gifted with this beautiful riff that ties the song together nicely, and combined with stories of being young and dumb, it’s easy to become endeared to it. It’s clear the band take some early Kings of Leon vibe with that dirty rock feel combined with The White Stripes as they heavily lean on the guitar work to do the talking.

Here’s hoping that the album brings this same amount of energy and musicality to the album, because if they do it could easily find itself to be a contender on the albums of the year 2017!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

NEW MUSIC NOW! The Wools – ‘Heard it all Before’


This is a first here for WFM and for The Wools as they debut with their brand new track ‘Heard it all Before‘, which proves itself to be a slow love-disaster indie song that anyone can get behind. The slow paced acoustic guitar driven track is laden with baritone vocals that you would expect to hear coming straight out of an Arctic Monkeys song, referencing back to something you may have heard on Humbug.

However the song is gently brushed with some jangly guitars which combine well with the melody to give it some texture, making it a mellow song to listen to. Overall the track is very simple all the way down to the lyrics, but that is what gives the song so much charm, it’s simplicity. The band aren’t trying to configure something to abstract that it’s lost on the listener, this is straight forward and easy to enjoy!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise