Abbe May and her New song ‘T.R.O.U.B.L.E’


Just a quick heads up for the new single that will be released today by Abbe May and her song ‘T.R.O.U.B.L.E’, if you like your Electronic pop music I’m sure this will be up your street, even more so if you like songs with a darker edge to them. This single is something to watch out for, because it’s an artist that is slowly growing after the B-side to this sing ‘Karmageddon’ has already become a cult hit around Australia.

Viva Brother to Lovelife

If you don’t already know, which I assume not because it’s hardly the news of the century or remotely interesting but, the band Viva Brother split up and are now re-inventing themselves as a synth pop group. Like I say it’s barely news of the century, but I found this fucking hilarious because it’s sort of saying “we’ve tried that, it didn’t work, we tried to be a bit to big for our boots, so lets do this, we probably won’t get as much stick. Hopefully nobody will remember us “.

Well I will always remember Viva Brother, obviously not for good reasons, just simply for bad music, terrible lyrics, really ripping off other bands, and as cocky lads who couldn’t deliver the goods. I think it’s okay to gloat and be cocky, as long as you’ve got something cocky to be about. It was like they got their cock out in front of the world, and said “this is a monster”, and it only has the same length as a maggot, so they should have listened to themselves before shouting about their music.

I remember going to see them live, they were terrible, they were getting heckled and they couldn’t hack it. So, wish em’ all the best. I won’t be listening to their new music intently, I’ve listened to a bit and it’s awful, didn’t think they could get worse. Make your own opinion though…