Single of the Week! Palava – ‘Sometimes (I Wonder)’


Apologies as this weeks Single of the Week is a tad bit late due to the festivities at this time of year! This week however it is four piece Manchester band Palava with their new track ‘Sometimes (I Wonder)’.

The song seems to lean towards that more indie style, with a straight-laced chord progression combined with introspective lyrics, and it works a treat. The melody of the track is really punchy and great to sing along to, however you get the feeling that hearing it live you would get that extra bit of punch that would push the crowd into a frenzy.

The sound of the guitar really stands out on the track as it seems to have a certain shine and glimmer to it, along with a real heavy treble sound. Also the drums play a real spectacular part with their punchy build ups, with a stab-like approach. This is the first I’ve heard from the Manc band, but after hearing this, it would be interesting to hear what they could deliver on an EP.

Hope you enjoy the track! The lads already have some dates booked in for the start of next year so make sure if you’re around to pop in and see them!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

New Music Now! Loose Tooth – ‘Fish Boy’

“Fish Boy” is the final song on Loose Tooths debut album Big Fish, which is set to be released on 7th April on Father/Daughter Records & Lame-O Records. If this final track is anything to go off, then the album is sizing up to be a ground shaking release. After releasing their debut album Easy Easy East back in 2015, the band have been work exponentially hard on and off tour, which has finally led to their second album.

Their hard work is easily detected when you listen new song “Fish Boy” as they have refined and honed their style to a higher degree. The loud garge/punk sound which emerges from the track is guttural and violent which could easily light a fire under anybody, and could hurl a live audience into a complete frenzy. The song is very hard hitting and borderline heavy rock music, yet they manage to toe the line rather well as they force feed you their music.

The hope is that Loose Tooth can consistently push this aggression and pure energy through the entirety of their album. If they can achieve this, it could potentially be one of the surprise albums of the year for punk/garage/noise rock scene.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


NEW MUSIC NOW: Bokito – ‘Better At Getting Worse’



Today on New Music Now, London five-piece Bokito take the stage with their new single “Better at Getting Worse“, which keeps getting better with every listen. The song has a frantic pace from start to finish, with the manic rush of the catchy guitar riff combined with the unique vocal style of lead singer Moses Moorhouse. From everything from the breakdown to the outro, the band still keep that pace going refusing to lose your attention. It’s a well-produced piece of music with heavenly harmonies well placed throughout, along with the keys providing some depth to the sound. On top of all of this is that the chorus is inherently catchy, and easy to jump onto after only one listen. 

There’s so much energy given throughout the song, it leads to the conclusion that it could easily become the bands go to song to force the crowd to lose themselves. Bokito you won’t be forgotten here, and have definitely gained a fan.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


NEW MUSIC NOW! Polkadoge – ‘All in my Head’

Photo by Scott Hukins
Photo by Scott Hukins


After hearing this track over two weeks ago I could barely wait to throw the track up on the Website because of how it good it is. Finally the track has been released and the song is out, enjoy.

Polkadodge are an indie pop act from the ever cultural Sheffield, home to some of the most successful acts of music (Arctic Monkeys, Pulp etc.) and their new track ‘All in my Head‘ looks to put them on that list.

The track is fast paced and unforgiving throughout allowing you no time to grab on to the rails, as it throws you around the room with the frantic energy provided by every aspect of the band. The vocals are such an instrumental part of the track as it bottles this energy and throws it at you through singing. The guitar sets such an anthemic base for the track with the heavy reverb and drums just accentuate this by creating this bedlam behind it to back it up

You can watch the video for the new song over at their Facebook just follow this link >

Words By Alex Wise

New music now! Kidsmoke – “Heartache”



Today we bring you Kidsmoke’s upcoming new single “Heartache”, which is anything but a heartache.

The song clocks in just over four minutes so it’s no quick fix, but the band make good of the long time as not a second is wasted. Whether it’s the catchy lullaby of “I’ll follow you into tomorrow” or the up tempo drum beats, each element of the song works well individually. Which is why it makes perfect sense to be a single release, as it harnesses all of the key characteristics.

The song could be misconstrued as a moody guitar song, but at its very core it’s a pop song about love, which is will always be the most popular topic. As for comparisons, there’s no band that you could really compare them to, which is the healthy for any band as they’re bringing something different to the table.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

Fragile Creatures – ‘Fragile Creatures’ EP Review


As good as a full album is sometimes you just cannot beat a tasty little EP, and Fragile Creatures have shown this with their debut EP release entitled ‘Fragile Creatures. Full of melodic indie songs the band have nailed what an EP should do, getting people interested for future releases.

The EP opens up with self-entitled track ‘Fragile Creatures’ which is an ideal opener as it shows their whole sound off in one track. You have this smart indie feel to it as it is all pieced together like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, as nothing is out of place and everything fits perfectly.

‘Sunshine’ then comes bursting in with a funky riff which is reminiscent of The Coral and their catchier tunes. Although it has this upbeat feel surrounding it with the upstrokes of the guitar, it has this dark tone to it which makes the upbeat parts seem even more jumpy.

All of the songs on the EP are supported by great vocals and lyrics which add to the songs entertainment value, this is best exhibited best in ‘Stoneways’ as the band take a stab at the World and the way works.

The EP finishes strongly with ‘End of the World (for two)’ as it paints this bleak picture of the World ending, but yet still being happy as he is with the one he loves. In places he reminds you of Damon Albarn and how he subtly sings, however Kidd still has this personal touch to it as he offers you to dance.

The EP is a strong start as it would be for any band, and with more releases like this you will see their fan base begin to grow. It would have been great to hear more from the vocals; however it still blended very well with the music. Also, some more upbeat songs would be great to hear from the band as it’s probably where they are at their strongest.



Words By Alex Wise @al4563

New Release: Delamere – ‘Headstrong’


After a long wait Delamere have finally given us something else to chew on with their new track ‘Headstrong’ which could potentially be there best song yet.

The Stoke band has had a rather quiet period regarding new material due to their touring and obsession for everything to be absolutely perfect on the recording. However it’s the small attention to detail that makes the song so attractive and desirable because nothing is out of place.

The song draws your attention from the first second as it just blares into your ears, and combined with the drops and rolls from the drums the song becomes increasingly enticing.  Along with the equally strong chorus, the song is an instant hit as there are no weak spots to be found throughout the track.

The lyrics are tightly knitted and thought through which gives the song that rich feel because it hasn’t just been thrown together, and to top it off they just seem to roll off the tongue, making it feel effortless at times.

Delamere have developed their own indie-atmospheric sound and this is it coming to fruition, which we can hopefully expect more of as they continue to impress because this is the sort of material that will get people excited.


Words By Alex Wise @al4563



New Release: Go Wolf – ‘Talk To You’




Go Wolf are steadily making a name for themselves, which is due to their previous releases ‘One more night’ and ‘Voices’, but their new single ‘Talk to You’ steps the whole thing up a notch.

Their soft indie pop style gives a refreshing take on indie music, as it seems to slowly just drift away without you noticing. This can only mean good things for the indie trio as their music continue to progress and impress, hopefully this may spring an EP or an album as they undoubtedly have the talent to string one together.




REVIEW: Jungle Doctors – ‘Falling’


Jungle Doctors have released their new song Falling, which will appear on their upcoming EP Open UP. The band has been making progress ever since they released their debut EP Making Conversation, which encouraged people to take note of the band.

The song has made their second EP even more promising as the track gives an insight into what else will feature on the upcoming EP, which is high quality material.

The song is fast paced and uplifting, with the band exercising their indie muscles, as the guitars spread an impressive layer for the vocals to go over. The guitar work in the song is admirable, as the lead guitar seems to run through all of it, giving the rhythm much more depth.  This is also accompanied by some subtle synth work, as this makes the song seem that bit bigger.

With releasing the single, and their EP to be dropped soon the band will be very busy in the coming months, however you can catch them the at Birmingham 02 academy on 5th April.

Download the song on Itunes HERE.



Words by Alex Wise @al4563



PULP – After You


For those of you who do not know, I’m quite a big PULP fan (even though I haven’t seen them live). Three of their albums would probably make it in my top 30 Albums, those albums would be ‘This is hardcore’, ‘Different Class’ and ‘His ‘n’ Hers’. Good idea actually I might do the whole top 30 thing when I have the time.

Pulp are a very special band that have there own sound and probably couldn’t be imitated by another band because it doesn’t work without Jarvis. Without Jarvis and his sexy quirky lines and his unique vocals the songs wouldn’t work.

I was excited to see that they brought out a new song because I never listened to them while I was growing up so it was nice to think that I was actually into them when this song got brought out, and it’s a pretty good song. I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best songs they’ve ever done, but it is a pretty strong one with lyrics and that same old sound that they pull of so well. I’m glad to hear that they didn’t try and adapt their music to what is going around now, or try and change their sound or style, they’ve kept it like they should’ve done. Overall, a great song and hopefully this will spark off a new album or some more live shows, I doubt it though, I really doubt it. Listen and enjoy.