Blind Drivers – It’s been a long time EP Review


This band got in touch with me a while back (I type that so much, becoming a bit of a catchphrase), and asked me if I could review their new EP, ‘It’s been a long time’, and after listening to it I was swung and I had to complete the review. The band hail from Sheffield, and taking in many influences which range from Reverend and The Makers to Oasis and The Stone Roses, so from that pretty good taste in music (except Rev’s new album). In the band you have:-

Paul Fletcher – Lead Guitar and Vocals

Matt Thompson – Vocals

Joe Doherty – Bass

Louise Patterson – Drums

The band has been together since 2011 and making quite a lot of progress with an arsenal of songs behind them and the willingness to get themselves out there by playing any gig they can. They have been considered to be one of Sheffield’s hardest working band, which you can see by the gigs they have played and the songs they’ve written, because none of those song would just come from a couple of sessions recording, okay on to the EP.

‘It’s been a long time’ EP Review

Apart from the pleasant cover of the EP, and it is because it made me make a cup of tea, the songs on there are quite powerful and catchy. The EP was released on the 2nd February, so a recent update for me. Unfortunately I’m not going to put the songs up on the blog because you will have to pay for them, so get on Itunes and get buying, okay the EP.

The EP is very versatile, the first track that features on their ‘Rich Tea and Sympathy’, was funky with the bassline and the rhythm of the guitar complimenting it, it’s quite Ska’esque with upstrokes of the guitar. Also the lyrics for the song are amusing with lines like ‘She needs some Rich Tea and Sympathy’, those can get stuck in your head for a while. Once I listened to that, I didn’t expect what was coming next with this guitar screaming out of the speakers and these very commanding drums building up a very good tempo.


‘Safe from Tigers’ is probably one of my favourite songs on the EP, because of how powerful it is instrumentally, and if that wasn’t enough it’s glittered with these forceful vocals from Matt which I think play an integral part to this particular song. Once I listened to that song I thought ‘Well anythings possible now, I don’t know what to expect”.  ‘Throwing Darts’ is a brilliant follow up from ‘Safe from Tigers’ because after that you’re quite built up and ready for some more fast-tempo songs. The riff at the start immediately gets you hooked, and it keeps you hooked throughout the whole song. It’s a blazingly well put together song, especially the guitar it’s really tight and well played, really good rhythm guitar.


The song doesn’t lose tempo throughout all of it until the very last part, I have nothing but respect for this because of how extremely hard it is to keep a fast tempo going for nearly four minutes is quite impressive.  To end the EP you’ve got this song that just slows it all down and brings it to a nice close with the song ‘Slow. Melodically it’s very attractive with the guitar just holding that rhythm and the vocals just gently covering it.


There’s a certain vulnerability in the vocals and the way the songs sung which sits well with me and makes it that bit more gripping and makes you listen that bit more intently. The lyrics are well written, and it seems to me like that this was written about something quite close to the heart.


It’s a great EP, one that I will be purchasing as soon as I get a bit money under my belt. I can only see this band doing more good things, as they can only better with time, and I think this EP exposed no weaknesses of theirs at all, because I doubt they have any. Get behind them, and get them out there…




The Heartbreaks – Funtimes


Haven’t reviewed an album in a while, so I thought I’d do one that’s a bit out the blue, one I don’t think I would’ve listened to if I had to choose the album of my own back. I got the album free while I was doing work at experience at Kerrang! Radio,

Bloke:You did work experience at Kerrang?

Me:Yeah it was nothing

Bloke:Seriously was it good?

Me:Yeah, it was brilliant learnt some stuff and got some free CD’s.

Anyway, I’m glad I got the album from Kerrang! because I wouldn’t of got it myself, partly because I wouldn’t part with the money and partly because I’ve barely heard of this band and the lead singer looks a bit odd/ugly/strange….we’ll get on to that.

The Album

When I first had a quick listen, practically a minute of each song with my mate we agreed that his voice was too much, It was too winey and the lyrics were a bit cheesy at times, then we agreed that my girlfriend would like this album and this band because of the whole Luke Pritchard thing.

If I was naive, this where my research would stop, but luckily I wasn’t about this and I decided to listen to the whole album again. Obviously I was playing FIFA while I was listening to the album, and it was then where I had a change of heart for this album and for this band. Yes he’s winey and his voice is a bit weird, and the lyrics are cheesy a times, but they’re okay songs. Also I would like to add that they are very catchy, took me about a week to get one song out my head, it’s called ‘Delay,Delay’, you’ll know when you listen to it, if you listen, I suspect you won’t because we’re busy.

One of the elements I like about this band is that the guitar sounds very Johnny Marr-ish (don’t know who is? look him up he’s brilliant), if you catch my drift, and I like that basically because it sounds Johnny Marr-ish, with the jangly guitar. I also got a connotation of Morrissey when I heard him sing, not saying he’s anywhere near as good, just saying he sounds Morrissey-ish because he’s got a totally different voice to anyone I’ve heard of. So they’re Smiths fans I imagine, and I also think they’re Pulp fans because, every know and then he’ll say something at the end of his singing, like Jarvis does quite often e.g. ‘I’ll see what I can do’ in Pulp- Common People.

Lead Singer

The lead singer is Matthew Whitehouse, the lead singer, now have a look and I hope you’ll get what I mean when I say he’s weird and a bit strange. Just thought I’d put this her, simply just because.


A very catchy, bouncy and happy album which I’ll probably listen to more when the summer comes and it’s got more of a summer feel. I’m yet to learn all of the songs, but the more I listen to it the more catchy it becomes, the more I like it and the more I listen to it, a viscous circle.

If you’re a fan of Morrissey, The Smiths, Pulp, I suggest you should listen to this because it’s up you’re street and if you don’t like it, keep giving a chance.

Here’s the tune ‘Delay, Delay’, tell me it’s not catchy. Right off to the bank.