New Release | Nervous Pills – ‘Our Returns Policy’

Nervous Pills

Sheffield Grunge Rockers, Nervous Pills release New Track ‘Our Returns Policy

Our Returns Policy’ is the new release from Nervous Pills – the alternative, grungey, indie rock trio consisting of 3 Sheffield lads Tom, Harry and Liam; and this debut single proves to be just as satisfying as it is catchy . After meeting at school and deciding to form a band 5 years ago; these guys have been spending some time refining their sound, and playing various gigs in and around their hometown – which included two successful stints at this years’ Tramlines fringe. Now the band have finally officially released some of their creative output for us to enjoy.

Of the top of my head, the one word to describe this band would be ‘LOUD’, but I think they deserve much more credit than that! For me, this track oozes the full-on energy associated with classic grunge and indie rock, with the band’s influences clearly including the likes of Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys and The Cribs. Their sound also manages to capture the deep, moody bass of Joy Division, alongside an air of punk rock – with bands such as Idles and Flatworms also being extremely influential to the band’s musical productivity.

When listening to ‘Our Returns Policy’, you are greeted by a wonderfully heavy introductory bass line, executing a simple yet effective riff. It feels reminiscent of something off Nirvana’s Bleach album, and is effortlessly continued throughout the song to provide the perfect mix of intensity and composure, not to mention major headbanging potential.

With the edition of some fuzzy, indie guitars and classic drums, this quickly becomes a track you could most definitely mosh to!  As well as being strangely catchy, with lyrics adhering to how capitalism draws us into buying things we later regret; the wonderful Sheffield tones of lead vocalist Harry shine through to deliver these lyrics with a relatable, non-nonsense yet passionate style, nodding towards Milburn’s Joe Carnall and early Alex Turner.

You can sense the hard work and passion these guys have put into their debut, through every aspect of both the music and singing of this track, not forgetting the atmospheric backing vocals from Tom and Liam, which really help the track to build before it’s explosive finale. By the end you’ll definitely be shouting with them loud and proud “YOU WON’T GET YOUR MONEY BACK!“.

This is an exciting debut from a band with a lot more to offer. Keep your eyes peeled for their new material and upcoming gigs in Sheffield this October!

By Megan Wood

Our Returns Policy is available of Spotify now!

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