Not long for The Stone Roses big return

So with The Stone Roses just around the corner, I think it would be wrong not to talk about them. I got into this music quite late, i’m 19 now and I got into the music when I was about 16 so it wasn’t so long ago when I was into grime.

The Stone Roses were on of the first bands I listened to when I started getting into guitar music because I was into Oasis and my friend said that The Stone Roses played a big part influencing Oasis, so I went home and treated myself. I never listened to them before, because my mate said they influenced Oasis, I was expecting something exactly like Oasis, and fuck me was I wrong. The Stone Roses were so different, the guitar, Ian Brown’s singing, and the drums were out of this world. Since I listened to them, they have been one of my favorite bands and they always will be.

I wasn’t alive when The Roses came out so I can’t talk about how they changed music, or how it was different to anything I’ve ever listened to. I can say they still sound fresh, they still sound exciting and they still sound new. I don’t think there will be a band like this for a long time.

I still think The Roses will put on a great performance at Heaton Park after all the reviews I’ve read it seems like they won’t let anyone down. Also I think they still have a lot to offer to music and our ears, hopefully they will continue after this reunion and go on to make another album because I don’t think the ‘Second Coming’ was a good send off for one of the greatest bands ever.

To all you lucky fuckers that are going to the gig at Heaton I know you will have a good time, get smashed and do that dance that you can only do when you’re listening to The Stone Roses.

Treat yourself, have a listen.


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Ringo puts Nail in the Coffin for Mini Fab Four Idea

So Ringo has come out and said the four sons of The Beatles won’t be uniting to create a mini fab four, is this a good thing?

Yeah it is, I think it sounds like a good idea, but definitely would not work out well I don’t think. It’s like having a starter, a main course then knowing you’re full and you shouldn’t have the dessert because you’ll throw up, it’s a bit like that.

I think it would be a good gimic because I suppose you could get them to cover The Beatles stuff, and become a very good Beaatles cover band, but I don’t think they could do their own stuff. Partly because they would always be compared to their fathers, and because they will never get out of their father shadows like Julian and Dhani.


Oh and does anyone think Ringo should stop wearing the earring?

Holograms take over – 24-04-12 – AW

Haven’t got time for a review on a an album, been up since 7 , been working like mad, but I thought I’d just do a quick blog. Got some music to look at though the Dirty Little Lies have got some new music which I have got to have a look at so, should be good.

Just thought I’d say a quick word on this whole hologram thing when I first saw it and watched the video with the hologram of
Tupac I was pretty impressed, and I thought it was quite good. Then the news came out that Snoop Dogg might tour with it (I don’t know, i’m not completely sure), I was excited for the prospect of that happening. I was reading some blogs on the news and I commented on one of them saying I wonder if that would spur on a whole thing of getting other dead idols and bringing them back and having them tour.

I think why not, would it be a bad thing, if people wanna see it and will pay for it why not? I was talking to some of my friends, and asking if they would pay too see like a hologram of Kurt Cobain Playing? or the sex pistols with Sid viscous?  The old Beatles line up? I’d pay for it, I mean I wouldn’t pay a high price but £20 I think I would. Just wondered what everybody else thinks on this?