TOTD – 23/09/2015 – Morrissey leaving the UK


After Morrissey sadly announced that he will not be returning to the UK to play live shows, a little uncontainable sigh couldn’t help but urge its way out of my mouth, this is why.

Morrissey is possibly one of the only true solo artists that have an incredibly body of work that he’s proud of. Yes, you have solo artists with the same large portfolio, but most of them have been compromised and are undeniably plain at some point. Morrissey has his own personal standard and will not accept for anything less, each song has a message, a story or a strong view which has always put him out of favour with many people. But for the ones who share the same passion he does for his songs, his music is a work of art to live by.

This is the reason it will hit some people hard, because there’s nothing like being in the presence of your idol, a true great and to be singing to the top of your lungs uncontrollably with them. Although he will still be touring around the World and some hardcore fans who are not strapped for cash will undoubtedly venture out to see the icon, there will be others who are tied to a low paid job and have bills to pay will have to sit and watch from the sidelines.

I had the privilege to go and see Morrissey earlier in the year and, it will be my only time as I’m one of those poor people. The experience was magical and mind blowing, as I still cannot believe I saw him perform live. To those people who never had the chance it would be cruel to lie, but you missed out. To Morrissey, I wish him only the best and I hope he can continue to create music nobody else can.

Ancient Times – Rani (Demo) – Unsigned bands


Another post, doing quite well, feel like I’m on a bit of a role recently, and another Unsigned band! This time it’s ‘Ancient Times’, a band that come from Brighton. They’ve been together since July 2012, and the journey began when they recorded their first three demo’s, and realized ‘We’re actually pretty good at this, lets make more music’, and so they did. The e-mailed me, and its a good job they did, else I would have never have found them because of my lack of ability with the internet, I’m not very good at finding these new bands.


Right before I rattle on about it, listen to the track while I nip off and make a brew.

Listened to it? Good isn’t it?

The song has really dark tone to it, especially with the vocals, while I was listening to it reminded me of Ian Curtis and Morrissey, perhaps if there voices were mixed, I think it would be this voice . Also if you listen closely to the lyrics they have dark undertone with them as well, but you do have to listen quite intently. There’s no doubt that the vocals are the center piece of this song, because they’re so prominent in this song, and also in the other ones that they have. Although the song has this dark tone to it, I find it quite uplifting as well in parts, which I find mainly in the chorus. I think the guitar in the song really compliments his voice because It’s not so loud and not brought to the forefront of the song. Also with the drums just slowly building it up just before the chorus, it’s like it’s building up the tension, and then chorus comes and it just blossoms. For a demo I think it’s rather good and I don’t think a lot has to be done to it, unless they have some interesting idea for it.


Another great band that I’ve had the luck of listening to, and hopefully I’ll be able to go and see them at some point. Also they’ve got some shows coming up which you can find on facebook. Very excited to see what else this band can come up with. Really advise you to listen to their other tracks that they have on their soundcloud, especially if you enjoyed that track.