NEW MUSIC NOW! Moonlands – “Shake,I Shook”



Today New Music Now falls into the the dreamy work of five-piece Moonlands with their new track “Shake, I Shook”, which sounds as promising as ever. The song boasts this larger than life feel, with the guitar work really centering in on this swooning atmosphere and creating a mini-Universe for the song to exist. It’s minimalist sound works perfectly as they measured each musical element well, nothing sounds like it’s drowned out or lost in the background.


The pace of the song is relatively slow yet it still maintains to have this edge, as the lead guitarist has this repeatable hook going, refusing to let you go. The final piece of the of the puzzle is vocals and they’re delivered with complete conviction and certainty. The soft voice just laying on this bed of dreaminess is a common dynamic, however Moonlands have put their own stamp on it by actually gripping you.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise