Classic Album: Television – Marquee Moon



Television are often a band that get overlooked and disregarded, which is unfortunate. Coming out in the 70’s they were part New York rock scene which included acts like Blondie, The Ramones and Talking Heads. This is what may have affected their recognition, as they were clumped along with these other acts. When you listen back to Television’s first album it’s hard to see how they could’ve been overlooked as ‘Marquee Moon’ was a post-punk work of art.

The album is packed back to front with hits, as it’s hard to find a weak spot within the record and even harder to pick a favourite. With songs like ‘See No Evil’, ‘Friction’ and ‘Prove it’ you can understand why the album is so highly regarded now.

The slick little riffs and excellent guitar work by Jimmy Rip play a huge part in the album as it complements Tom Verlaine’s vocals so well that they could be considered a punk version of Morrissey and Marr.

The record is ultimately very lo-fi as its under-produced and rough around every little edge, which is never a problem. If anything it makes the album feel increasingly real and honest. When you listen to the track ‘Marquee Moon ’it’s not dressed with unwanted sound effects, it is simple guitar with a straight beat and it works a charm.

Pop is at the core of the record, as they’re all very catchy and endearing, but it’s the way Television pack each one of them up as little tough nuggets of punk and deliver them to our ears.

Overall this record is what a post-punk record should sound like, under produced, honest and blessed with catchy riffs and choruses. If only more bands took note of what Television done in their three albums, maybe we would have more great punk records.