Summer Snowmen – Broken Eyes (single)

Summer Snowmen


After meeting at the Colchester Institute while studying music back in 2011, it was only a matter of time until in late 2012 that Summer Snowmen formed after Nathan & Jack decided it was time to fill out their sound. They roped Jake into the Band after his own hardcore metal band diminished, then they found Joe without a home and he was soon welcomed into the band. Taking influences from Ben Howard to The Rolling Stones, Summer Snowmen have a wide range of influences coming in, which can be heard in their music. With a multitude of influences they aim to fuse them together to create a sound of alternative, blues, post rock, acoustic, rock and indie. So who’s in the band?

Jack Bennell – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jake Blackman – Electric Guitar
Joe Wimpress – Drums
Nathan Edgell – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

‘Broken Eyes’

‘Broken Eyes’ is a beautifully dramatic guitar song which is supported by some impressive vocals.  The build-up and the dramatization of it all stems from  Jake Blackman’s guitar work by him effortlessly tapping the fret board, a very impressive skill don’t you know. You can tell he used to feature in a hardcore metal band from the way he plays and the skills he shows, but he has the melody of George Harrison, but a slightly darker version for this particular song.

Summer Snowmen 2

The use of two acoustic guitars was surprising because it was something you don’t normally see in a four piece, but they made it look like it should be the basic template for a band with the sound they created, it’s something most bands would strive for.  Jack’s vocals are unblemished throughout, with him hitting each note as clear as a bell, making the song even more so dramatic and mouth-watering. There’s also a dark eeriness hanging around the song, it’s the same dark eeriness that lingers around most Radiohead songs, you can  see the Radiohead influence in this piece. The solo is smart to say the least, Jake’s metal influences burst at the seams in this solo but it remains relevant and vital to the song as it still maintains to walk in the indie/acoustic territory.

Unfortunately it’s a band miles away from me, so I’ll probably not get to see them this years, but my eyes are opened and I will be looking out for them.





Words by Alex Wise

@wordsformusic1 or @al4563