NEW MUSIC NOW: Bokito – ‘Better At Getting Worse’



Today on New Music Now, London five-piece Bokito take the stage with their new single “Better at Getting Worse“, which keeps getting better with every listen. The song has a frantic pace from start to finish, with the manic rush of the catchy guitar riff combined with the unique vocal style of lead singer Moses Moorhouse. From everything from the breakdown to the outro, the band still keep that pace going refusing to lose your attention. It’s a well-produced piece of music with heavenly harmonies well placed throughout, along with the keys providing some depth to the sound. On top of all of this is that the chorus is inherently catchy, and easy to jump onto after only one listen. 

There’s so much energy given throughout the song, it leads to the conclusion that it could easily become the bands go to song to force the crowd to lose themselves. Bokito you won’t be forgotten here, and have definitely gained a fan.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise