NEW MUSIC NOW: Bokito – ‘Better At Getting Worse’



Today on New Music Now, London five-piece Bokito take the stage with their new single “Better at Getting Worse“, which keeps getting better with every listen. The song has a frantic pace from start to finish, with the manic rush of the catchy guitar riff combined with the unique vocal style of lead singer Moses Moorhouse. From everything from the breakdown to the outro, the band still keep that pace going refusing to lose your attention. It’s a well-produced piece of music with heavenly harmonies well placed throughout, along with the keys providing some depth to the sound. On top of all of this is that the chorus is inherently catchy, and easy to jump onto after only one listen. 

There’s so much energy given throughout the song, it leads to the conclusion that it could easily become the bands go to song to force the crowd to lose themselves. Bokito you won’t be forgotten here, and have definitely gained a fan.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


NEW MUSIC NOW! Pure Youth – ‘Other Side’



To follow a trend that’s been set here, once again New Music is being promoted today and it’s Pure Youth with their long awaited new track ‘Other Side‘, a song filled with noise and energy throughout. The track starts with a nice soft opening before it jolts into action and pummels you with crashing drum beats and an atmospheric sounding guitar.

It has UK indie lad band plastered all over it as it has several influences on show from Catfish and the Bottlemen along with Circa Waves and The Naked and Famous. However the band do not hide from this as they wear it bravely and pull it off with style. It’s a risky move having these styles so blatantly on show yet they manage to have their own twist making them a completely different act.

It may have been a while waiting for this track but it’s been worthwhile as the band have been working very hard and it’s paid off. Now they’re on the WFM radar they won’t be dropped, as I wait eagerly for new material.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

New Music Now! West of the Sun – ‘Siberian Hysteria’


West of the Sun are a new band that has been stumbled on by chance, and they’ve been found at the right time as they’ve just released their new single ‘Siberian Hysteria’. The five piece from North London have been around for just over three years, making a strong name for themselves gaining fans from all around the UK, and this new track will throw them deeper into the depths of recognition.

The fast paced build up initially fused with electronic sounds is an interesting way to start the track, and when the beat drops and the slow methodical guitar comes in the band have you in their hands. The song is relatively slow paced with a huge psychedelic influence spraying from all corners, yet it has this desert Arabian feel to it which is really sleek and different. The vocals are spoken and not thrown out at you, which mixes well with the feeling of the song especially as it spirals out at the end.

You can purchase the track to if you just follow this link >>

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

Summer Snowmen – Broken Eyes (single)

Summer Snowmen


After meeting at the Colchester Institute while studying music back in 2011, it was only a matter of time until in late 2012 that Summer Snowmen formed after Nathan & Jack decided it was time to fill out their sound. They roped Jake into the Band after his own hardcore metal band diminished, then they found Joe without a home and he was soon welcomed into the band. Taking influences from Ben Howard to The Rolling Stones, Summer Snowmen have a wide range of influences coming in, which can be heard in their music. With a multitude of influences they aim to fuse them together to create a sound of alternative, blues, post rock, acoustic, rock and indie. So who’s in the band?

Jack Bennell – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jake Blackman – Electric Guitar
Joe Wimpress – Drums
Nathan Edgell – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

‘Broken Eyes’

‘Broken Eyes’ is a beautifully dramatic guitar song which is supported by some impressive vocals.  The build-up and the dramatization of it all stems from  Jake Blackman’s guitar work by him effortlessly tapping the fret board, a very impressive skill don’t you know. You can tell he used to feature in a hardcore metal band from the way he plays and the skills he shows, but he has the melody of George Harrison, but a slightly darker version for this particular song.

Summer Snowmen 2

The use of two acoustic guitars was surprising because it was something you don’t normally see in a four piece, but they made it look like it should be the basic template for a band with the sound they created, it’s something most bands would strive for.  Jack’s vocals are unblemished throughout, with him hitting each note as clear as a bell, making the song even more so dramatic and mouth-watering. There’s also a dark eeriness hanging around the song, it’s the same dark eeriness that lingers around most Radiohead songs, you can  see the Radiohead influence in this piece. The solo is smart to say the least, Jake’s metal influences burst at the seams in this solo but it remains relevant and vital to the song as it still maintains to walk in the indie/acoustic territory.

Unfortunately it’s a band miles away from me, so I’ll probably not get to see them this years, but my eyes are opened and I will be looking out for them.





Words by Alex Wise

@wordsformusic1 or @al4563

The Parade – A Night Like This E.P

The Parade


The Parade are a London three piece creating some of the finest music in their field, in fact it is the finest. Gaining repeated airplay on Gideon Coe’s BBC 6Music Show and support from the likes of Sister Ray, Rough Trade, alongside Artrocker and Sky TV’s Propeller Channel due to feature the band’s debut video in the coming weeks. Amidst a string of London shows including a 10pm slot at Death2Disco Club Night, The Parade released their   debut EP ‘A Night Like This’ on 13th April, with it receiving some ego-stroking feedback.


‘A Night Like this’

‘A night like this’ kicks off with, ironically, ‘A night Like This’ (Not that ironic). This carries a dark tone it, very much in the way Pulp could do, but however this song is much darker, with the haunting riff on the acoustic threating to scare you on every note giving it a backstreet Britania sound to it. The first chance they get, they use the effective tool of a Girl/Boy combo on the vocals to good weight.  The six song E.P is packed with memorable riffs and bright vocals, this argument is strengthened track that follows ‘Russian Dolls’ it again showcases the same key features from the first song, however we’re treated to distorted solo, oh how I love my solos.

The Parade - Dock Dock Dollys and Daggermen, by David StockPhotography by David Stock

‘Fear and Loathing’ sends a shiver down the spine as you read the words, well the song doesn’t help this feeling, just gives it more ammunition. It’s perfectly written, no amateur lyrics lie within it and the finger picking is complex and accomplished, creating the perfect dark-acoustic track.  There’s something about each song on this E.P, regardless to the fact that they’re dark, there’s a warm catchiness, much like a cup of tea in sound. ‘1992’ expresses this perfectly with a simple rhythm brought to life with lyrics that paint a picture of tragic love story accompanied by nothing less than perfect vocals, this just edges it as my favourite track on the E.P. The Parade are full of clever word play and well thought out lines in their songs, they also do it on their song names with ‘This Side of Heaven’ showing this. The duet is used here once again, utilising it to their advantage  as each of them sing a line each with a speck of dust on them. To close the E.P we have ‘The Great Shameless’, with a cockney twist to the vocals making it desirable as the rest of them. The song exhibits their ability to tell story in a song at its finest, this is where story meets melody and they entwine and combine to create an exceptional piece of work.

Words by Alex Wise

@wordsformusic1 or @al4563





Hella Better Dancer – Sleep (Single)



Hella Better Dancer, a four piece made up of 3 girls and a boy hailing from London/Brighton. Although the current line up has only been together for only a year the band has been going since they were 16, so there’s some solidity in the band. The band has done incredibly well since being together as they’ve built a strong fan base as you can see on their soundcloud, hitting over 1,000 views on each song. So who’s in this band?

Tilly – Rhythm Guitar

Soph – lead guitar and backing vocals

Josh – bass

Kari – drums/backing vocals


A highly anticipated review this one, after hearing it for the first time the thought of reviewing and sharing it around was a good, just couldn’t wait.  After listening to this one I went on to listen to all their previous stuff, that’s the effect this song had. The intro is somewhat xx- Esque, with the slow movement on the fret board and the reverb it effect giving it that atmospheric feel.

hella better

It remains dreamy and succulent throughout and with the addition of the vocals it makes it even more so endearing as every second seems to float past your ears.  Songs like these are more often then not brilliantly composed, and this one is, because you can’t really throw a song like this together, each note must linger around you leading you on to the next one smoothly. The echoes in the piece add to the atmospheric effect  and urges you to sing along each time you hear “ahahahahaha”. If this is the demo, I’m waiting with baited breath to hear the completed version because this one could stand as the completed version and wouldn’t look out of place.

Oh yeah, they’re touring aswell, so get down if you can and support (Wish I could)

14th May @ Green Door Store, Brighton (Great Escape warm up show)
15th May @ Old Blue Last, London
30th May @ Dalston Victoria, London w/ Deaf Club (Ep Launch)
29th June @ Queen of Hoxton, London
12th July @ LeeFest

Words by Alex Wise @al4563





Strangers – Something New (Single)

Something new


Strangers are a dark-pop group coming from London and in the band we have:

Vocals and Frontman – David Maddox-Jones

Drummer Raife Hacking

Synth player – Piers Sherwood-Roberts

After a year that saw the band release three EPs, earning praise across the blogosphere, managing to  played on Radio 1, earn a a place onto the  XFM playlist and attention from the likes of Mixmag, Music Week and Artrocker, and support slots with Niki and The Dove and Grimes. So in a year the band have managed to complete a lot, perhaps more than what some bands complete in 5 years.

‘Something New’

I have never really been into synth pop until I listened to Decibels and their song ‘RUZA’, since then I’ve looking round in search of other synth-pop artists, and it was then when I came across STRANGERS. Their dark tones and clear vocals made the place in my heart for synth music slightly larger with their song ‘Something New’. Throughout the song you never feel at ease, as if you’re waiting for someone to scare you from behind, also the lyrics don’t help this with lines like ‘Touch my chest, and feel my pulse, there’s two heart beats and you live underneath it all”. Although it has beautiful dark side to this song, it also manages to be quite groovy, slightly making you want to float across the room. The vocals play an instrumental part in this song, Maddox-Jones has a  clean edge to his voice,making you listen so much more intently. There’s not a dull part present in the song with the beat constantly holding attention throughout, until the chorus bursts through like a ray of light leaving you no other choice but to sing along.The song was produced by  Dimitri Tikivo, who has worked with The Horrors and Goldfrapp. You can hear a sense of his work throughout this song, as there is a Horror’s feel and to it all but just more pop. After the first listen you can understand why it’s gained so much recognition and plaudits, as well as air play and a place on the XFM Playlist. This is only the start for STRANGERS and their sound, now they’re on my radar I won’t be losing track of them anytime soon. 





Tinmen – Handful Of Dust EP – AW

Tinmen EP Cover


Coming from the capital of England (for the people who are stupid, and don’t know London), the Tinmen formed 4 months ago after practicing in a shed. They’ve been gigging around the London circuit, while also recording this debut EP ‘Handful of Dust’. Unfortunately the lads didn’t feel the Shed was good enough anymore as they believed it had asbestos (also they had lanlord debts, so good job they got out of there), they now rehearse underneath a strip club with a load of heavy metal bands, which to me doesn’t sound too appealing but needs must. They’ve had some radio play off BBC radio 6, supported The Weeks on their tour and also have been selected to play Kingston’s new Slang by Banquet records. So for a band that have only been together for 4 months, they’ve already managed to get themselves quite a bit under their belt. So who’s in the band? I’ll put in in their words because it made me laugh.

Samuel Chatterley – Holds the small guitar and says the words

Robbert Cotter – Plays the big guitar and says more words

Samuel Freems – Sits behind the pile of scaffolding, fingers the tiny plastic Ivories and joins in with the words (my personal favorite Bio).

Oh and they’re Lovers of The Smiths, Pixies and Talking Heads.

Promo 1

The EP

You can listen to the EP for free on their website, which is quite a nifty website, and I think that’s actually nice, especially how good the EP is. So before you continue to read the review listen to it on their website.


Th e first song featuring on the EP is called ‘Cradle/Grave’, and it’s a catchy number to say the least having the high pitched guitar keeping you interested, but wait that’s not the only thing that keeps you listening. I found the lyrics rather funny especially with lines like ‘Get drunk and stumble around the dance floor/ Watch boys watch girls and feel alone’, because that second was literally me  when I was single. However it has a slight dark undertone with the lyric ‘You’re only one step from the cradle’. The vocals remind me of Carl Barat in his Dirty Pretty things era, I don’t know what it is but there’s something there that links me to him.


In this song I got a connotation of The Smiths, especially with the melody and how it’s sung, also I think the guitar really does show signs of Marr with that high pitch and combined with that sexy little jangle hidden within it. This song is the shortest out of all them, but I think it’s one of their strongest ones, because they keep quite sweet with a little interlude in the middle of it. Again there’s the slightly more haunting side to the song, but a side that sits really well with the song.

‘Dear Sorbet’

‘Don’t confuse thrill with substance’, probably one of the best lyrics I’ve heard this year, understandably it’s early days but I’ve listened to A LOT of music. This song is probably my favorite on the EP, partly because I really the vocals in this song and how they both sing separate lines, and you can tell a clear distinction in the voice,  slightly like The XX, but it doesn’t sound like they’ve ripped them off, they seemed to have made it their own. This has some really cool lyrics in it, I think it’s probably the best written song on the EP, perhaps not the most musically challenging, but definitely a very good song. Coming to the end song it breaks away and picks up a bit of pace, Sam really show’s his talent with his vocals.

‘Handful of Dust’

The final song on the EP,   and it’s an ample way to finish an EP. Sometimes I find in EP’s I listen to it starts with a really strong song, and as the EP goes on I lose interest because the following songs weren’t strong enough, this Tinmen manage to keep that going all the way through and this final song emphasizes that point. The song has a swagger to it with the line ‘I’ll show you fear in a handfull’, after hearing that line for the second time I was singing it. A masterly well composed song, accompanied with these lyrics that accommodate a swagger that, I’m going to say it again, Carl Barat has.


Thoroughly enjoyed the EP, I’ve listened to it over and over again and just can’t seem to pick a fault with it, looking forward to what else these guys can do, and I’m sure they’re working on some new stuff because it seems like they haven’t stopped since starting, so give them all the support you can.




Sisteray – EP – Unsigned Bands



This band is a four piece coming from Chingford, London and although they’ve only been gigging for short amount of time they’ve built up quite a fan base around there, having sold out venues such as The Camden Rock and
The Rhythm Factory , and it looks like it may branch out it even further. The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Niall Rowan, lead guitarist Daniel Connolly, drummer and brother Ryan Connolly and Bassist Michael Hanrahan. Taking their influences from the likes of The Kinks, The Who, The Rolling Stones and loads more they have quite a good sound behind them. They’ve also gained interest from Tom Clarke, Bonehead and Peter Mcleod, as well as this they are wanted around the UK, South America and South Korea. As if that wasn’t enough they’ve aslo gained airplay from TCRFM Tamworth, Croydon Radio, The Hey Mr DJ online radio show, John Forster’s daily rock podcast  and The Unsigned Music Show, not bad for a band who’s just started.

The EP

The EP contains three songs which are ‘You Shine’, ‘Echoes’ and ‘War on the floor’.

If you read this blog regularly, you know I’m a fan of loud drums, and I like the drums to play an integral part of the song by being loud and prominent, so when I first listened to this song, after the first few seconds I knew there was going to be a strong chance I’d like it, and I was right.  I can definitely hear hints of Oasis in there, slightly in the sound of the guitar and an essence in the vocals. I think what I like most about this song is the edginess of it and the rawness, it doesn’t seem like it’s been coated with loads of effects which is nice to hear.

After listening to the first track, I had high hopes for the second on and it didn’t disappoint, as it stayed consistent by keeping that rawness which they get from having highly distorted  guitar and those loud drums being caned in the background. Like the first track this has a bit of a punky edge to it, which they get from the rawness of the recording of it, again it hasn’t had loads of effects thrown on top of it. For any other song I think I would pick out the fact that you can’t hear the vocals enough, but I think it really suits this sound, like The Strokes first album, Julian’s voice really suited the music they were playing.

‘War on the floor’ is probably my favorite of the EP, mainly because of the riff, it’s the catchiest one on there. Also I think the set of lyrics they have on this track are their strongest lyrics, and I also think that this is Niall’s best vocal performance on the EP. Also I think this one would be definite crowd pleaser live, all the songs would so big live but I just think that this on would sound the biggest, especially with the chorus.

It’s a band that I need to see live now, another one added to the list. They have quite a lot on their soundcloud, so it’s something that you should be listening to if you haven’t. After some good signs in their first EP, I’m really looking forward to their second EP, and what they will do next, so I’ll be keeping one eye open for them in the coming months.