When you’re scouring the interwebs for new music, you never know what you might come across. A lot of it is bad, some is good and only very few bits are exciting, and ‘PLINK‘ by SQPR falls under the latter category.

The song has some a really attractive lead guitar in it with a riff that makes the toes tingle, which is the main hook here, however the band have more than one attraction. The vocals are distinct and commanding as lead signer Peter Harris Hawk powers out the words “I’ve become undone, I’m not what I was” as the fuzzy guitar behind it emphasizes the drama of the song. A nod of the head has to go towards the bass and drums as they’re perfect for the song as both are such important components to the song, as they refuse to linger in the background and become an afterthought.

The song comes out 20/5/2016 on Elevant Music Limited, so make sure you grab this track as soon as it’s released!

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

High Violet – Wheels – Unsigned

High Violet


Some bands just have a good feel to them, which is what High Violet has. This is a four piece Alt/Rock band from Wirral, Liverpool. After initially beginning as a two piece in 2012, the band had to go through several chops and changes to finally get it right, and have begun building their name around Liverpool by playing several different venues to raise awareness.

Boys in the Band

Ryan Lee – Vocals, Piano and Guitar

John Fellick – Guitar and other strange musical noises

Jake Kuguloglu – Bass

Joe Akroyd – Drums and Percussion


Unfortunately this is the only piece of music that High Violet has released, so we only have this to feast on until we get fed some more, which I’ve gained a taste for. ‘Wheels’ isn’t your typical indie track that your use to listening to, as it’s much more than your average riff bulging, fast paced song. It’s a slow, soft melody that soars throughout, with a sound that hints that you’re way out there, in space.

high v

Lee’s vocals need to be clean and clear, as they play such a large part in the song, thankfully Lee doesn’t disappoint and gallivants along with every chance he gets to in this song. Although it’s not the most complex of pieces, it remains a strong song as everything is completed with aplomb and nothing is untidy or incomplete. However it lacks a certain kick in there which could get a crowd excited, for instance a long, hearty solo, other than this minor point, it’s still a very good song.

This is only the start for High Violet, as they’ve only just begun their musical quest to create a larger fan base, and this song is provides a healthy start for the band. The song is promising sing and could possibly leave you hunting for some more of their material.