EP Review | Gender Roles – ‘Lazer Rush’


Gender Roles Lazer Rush

Brighton Band Gender Roles continue to prove they have something special with ‘Lazer Rush’

Friday 13th April saw the release of Brightons own Gender Roles’ second EP Lazer Rush, following up from their debut in 2017 with Planet X. On the run up to the EP the trio released three tracks which feature on it, those being: ‘Plastic’, ‘About Her’ and ‘Gills’. With all of these hitting a high standard it was pretty obvious that the EP was going to be successful, and it was.

The aggression on each track is felt through the speakers as lead singer Tom Bennett screams his guts out on the opening track ‘Plastic’ which perfectly sets the tone for what’s to come. ‘About Her’ is the track which follows and it has more pop tendencies than its predecessor, making it a highlight. The catchy hook of “Crush it up and put it in my drink / let’s go somewhere quiet and I’ll tell you what I think /About her” is an awesome line.

Gills’ is potentially the best song on the EP because of its short and sweet energy which has the characteristics of a Punk track. Also it’s packed with in your face one liners which scream of someone adapting to a social situation they don’t want to be in, well that’s my take away from the song.

The catchy guitar work is also impeccable across all four tracks, as the band really showcase what a difference great guitar work can have on a song. From the fuzzy, poppy riff in ‘Plastic’ to the fun and bouncy one in ‘Gills’.

The EP ends with the unreleased track ‘Teeth’ which takes the EP down a notch, as the pace slows down and the band let you breathe…for two minutes. Then they burst back into life with Bennett giving a guttural scream which you can feel. This energy flows through the track as it seems the band open up their inner-Nirvana.

The EP is one of the best this year, and has really made Gender Roles a band to look out for. It comes across as very real, and as a whole the EP flows. All the tracks seem to come from the same idea, and it doesn’t feel like any track was just shoved in there to kill time. Also the artwork for this is impressive, got to love when bands make an effort for the artwork because it just makes it that bit more admirable. Solid work guys!


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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