INTERVIEW: Last Light talking about their new single!



With their new single ‘Shelter’ coming out soon, we caught up with their lead singer Paul to see what we can expect from their new release, and if there is anything else in the pipeline!

WFM: Hello Paul! just wanna start by saying a big hello from all of us here, we love what you guys do, and believe you should get more recognition for it

Paul (Vocals): Thanks!  It’s always nice when someone other than your family and friends like something you’ve created so that really means a lot to us.

WFM: First things first what are your top 5 albums and why?

1. Brand New – The Devil and God are raging inside of me
I love how dark and moody it is.  Every song is an absolute banger  with so many different textures to each track.  Lyrically and musically it’s a massive influence to us all.  It’s amazing.

2. The Smiths – Louder than Bombs
It’s a classic album, but probably not everyone’s favourite Smiths album.  I think the lyrics on Louder than Bombs are a lot more ‘emo’ (Not to be translated negatively)  than other Smiths albums, which is really influential to us.

3.  Deftones – Saturday Night Wrist
Again, probably not everybody’s favourite Deftones album but it has a lot of variety in the songs.  Some you can chill out and let wash over you and some really heavy tracks that you can band your head to.  It’s got everything you want in an album.

4.  The Weeknd – House of Balloons
This was the Weeknd’s first free album he released and it got really hyped up through blogs.  His vocals are amazing on this album and he managed to keep a real mystery around him and his music and that’s something that I think is quite rare in the modern age.

5. Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything to Nothing
This is a fantastically written album that’s got everything, fast, slow, heavy, soft.  It’s what we are all about.

WFM: Cool, some answers I didn’t expect there, which are the best ones. ‘Louder than bombs’ is a spectacular album, with ‘Rubber Ring’ and ‘Sweet tender Hooligan’, it’s hard to beat, for me personally.

WFM: Finally before we officially start the interview, who is your musical Icon and why?

Paul: I’m going to have to be extremely unoriginal and say Morrissey for the simple reason that he’s depressing and outspoken like us.  Lyrically he’s a genius, he’s funny, sad , angry.  He just inspires so many emotions.  He is closely followed by ‘The Boss’ Bruce Springsteen.  Niall and Josh saw him at Glastonbury in 2009 and said he was unreal.  He’s 64 and still plays 3 hour shows!

WFM: Totally agree, lyrically he is a genius, he’d say things you’d never really expect which really threw you back. So, the new single ‘Shelter’ will be coming out soon, what can we expect from the song? What have been your key influences been?

Paul: Yeah we’re really excited about it because we feel like it’s us at our best and a real representation of who we are.  It’s pretty atmospheric and darker than any of our previous songs.  I’d say we were influenced by the bands mentioned before and drinking lots of cheap polish beer.

WFM: Haha! Not a big fan of it myself, but Tyskie seems to be alright.Did you try any new approaches to the song regarding recording and mastering the song?

Paul:  The song was actually written and recorded really quick for us, normally we write it and mess with a song for ages before we are really happy with it but this time it sort of just clicked instantly.  We are big fans of fellow Birmingham band God Damn so we found out where they recorded and went to see Ryan Pinson and he did a really great job with it.  We kinda gave him free reign over the whole song and his input was really important.

WFM: Yeah I know Pinson, he’s a really good producer and has recorded some good songs with God Damn, Baby Pink and Modern Minds. Would you say that you’re taking a slightly different direction to your older stuff, or sticking with what you have already done and tweaking it?

Paul:  As far as the writing process goes we always stick with the same routine but with our new songs, we’re definitely going for a darker edge which suits us a lot better than our previous tracks, but we’re still going to be keep drenching the songs in reverb and keeping them atmospheric.

WFM: Yeah, you can’t completely change your sound, it might sound to alien, So after this release can we start looking out for a new EP? If so, what can expect more of the same or will it be a diverse EP with different types of songs?

Paul:  We will most definitely be looking to record an EP in the near future.  You can expect a heavier edge with the newer songs, but the vocals will stay melodic.  We’re gonna throw a curveball into it as well.  Maybe a Jazz Flute solo.

WFM: I can’t wait to see how you would even attempt to incorporate that into one of your songs, but I know that you will make it work! Cheers for talking to WFM! Good Luck with the new song, and everything you do in the future!

Paul: No problem! Thanks for the interview guys!

Their song ‘Shelter’ is out NOW and can be heard below

If you would like to see them live, they have an upcoming gig!


Last Light – Ghosts


Band: Last Light

Hometown: Walsall

Their song ‘Ghosts’ was released 2 months ago, but in that time space it still manages to sound fresh to the ear, and as entertaining as ever. One the most instrumental elements to the song is the bass as it plays such a prominent part from start to finish, which is something that a lot of bands tend to stay away from, but Last Light and manage to pull it off.

From the sound of the song you feel that that your going to get these rough husky vocals, but you get this softer mellow vocals which contrast the song well. The breakdown part of the song has an eerie tendency which keeps making a an appearance from time to time, but this only makes it that bit more desirable. The solo towards the end is perhaps the cherry on the top as it present you with a huge hint of what these would like live, something that I’ll be doing as they’re a band close to home. For a single and first song from a bad it’s impressive, but as a demo it gains even more appreciation as it could be released now and nobody would be none the wiser.