EP Review | King Krab – ‘Hard Tide’

King Krab - Hard Tide

Birmingham Band King Krab Release New EP ‘Hard Tide’

It’s always nice to be covering a local band every once in a while, this time around it’s old School Rock Band King Krab with their new EP ‘Hard Tide’. With the band taking influences from a number of bands including Pearl Jam, AC/DC and Black Sabbath, you can take a clever guess at what that might be, and you’d be right. King Krab have a very heavy rock sound, with quick, over driven riffs going head to head with energy fueled drums.

You get a taste for the band straight from the off, when you hear the whirring guitar building up steam in the background being met by those thunderous drums. ‘Couldn’t’ is an ideal EP opener purely because the energy and the lyrics exclaiming that they’re excited, it very much feels like an opener.

The EP rolls through a forest of chaos as the band don’t let you rest with the following tracks ‘Dengue’ and ‘Beat The Rat’ launching an attack on peace and quiet. The drum and guitar work on this EP is flawless and these tracks are where it’s highlighted the most. From the solos, to the neat work behind the vocals you can hear that they’ve left no room for compromise in the songs.

The final track is a personal favourite of mine off the EP, the tunnel contained drums along with the layers of guitar is impressive. ‘Bleed Us’, offers a slightly different side to King Krab as they slow it down slightly giving more room for the song to breath and the listener to connect with the vocals. This also has to be some of the best vocals on the EP, as they’re very isolated at times but manage to stand alone quite well. Worth a listen.

Whether you like or don’t like their genre of music, you have to appreciate how talented these musicians are. Throughout the EP they’re playing to a level that only some people could hope to reach some day, and every song is a constant reminder of that. The band still have a lot to offer, as they clearly show on the EP that they haven’t run out of steam yet as they looks to close out the year with even more shows. Now with the EP released, you can guarantee the band will be flaunting each track any chance they get.

Words By Alex Wise