New music now! Kidsmoke – “Heartache”



Today we bring you Kidsmoke’s upcoming new single “Heartache”, which is anything but a heartache.

The song clocks in just over four minutes so it’s no quick fix, but the band make good of the long time as not a second is wasted. Whether it’s the catchy lullaby of “I’ll follow you into tomorrow” or the up tempo drum beats, each element of the song works well individually. Which is why it makes perfect sense to be a single release, as it harnesses all of the key characteristics.

The song could be misconstrued as a moody guitar song, but at its very core it’s a pop song about love, which is will always be the most popular topic. As for comparisons, there’s no band that you could really compare them to, which is the healthy for any band as they’re bringing something different to the table.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563