Glastonbury 2014 Review!

Jake Bugg Crowd - Glastonbury


So another Glastonbury festival has been and gone, and as always it brought endless build-up and hype as to who would play, who would be remembered, and whether it would rain. Despite not really changing its concepts in years, it still manages to capture the imagination of the 120,000 people who flock to Worthy Farm each June. Rain or shine the general atmosphere and buzz of the festival remains at a high, regardless of the mud and pre Roman Empire toilet facilities. This is lucky, because by Thursday afternoon the heavens opened, and stayed this way more or less for the next four days. There is something special about the atmosphere at Glastonbury Festival, and this was in full force this year.


As for the music, there was simply no excuse to be without a gig to watch. As a guitar music lover, I was spoilt with the choices between the Pyramid, Other Stage, Park, and John Peel. Despite the vast crowds and distances between stages, a mere amount of thought and planning meant it was possible to attain a good spot for all that was worth seeing. Stand out performances included the likes of Paolo Nutini, with his shortened set due to an electrical storm on the Other Stage as the sunset over a picturesque cloudy horizon. Then there was Lana Del Rey’s beautifully presented selection of iconic filled love songs on the Pyramid Stage, performed with her own sense of vulnerability. Earlier on in the afternoon there was Royal Blood’s testosterone pumped set of loud blues anthems at the John Peel Stage, which saw the crowd overflowing far out of the tented stage.

The Sunday evening closing slot proved a difficult choice as Kasabian, Bristol legends Massive Attack, Disclosure, and James Blake all clashed on different stages. The closing headline slot of Glastonbury is one which is filled with prestige and anticipation as it brings the event to a close, but is one that is also shrouded with the steady stream of people leaving by the time it actually comes around, and whether the mostly hung over and exhausted crowds left want one last injection of heavy drops and adrenaline, or a smooth and easy coaxing back into Monday. After much debate and consideration I went with Kasabian, and it’s fair to say I was not disappointed.


After watching veteran blues duo The Black Keys play out a career spanning set, it was time to see if Kasabian could deliver on their promises of a headline show that would not be forgotten. Despite the selection of material focusing quite heavily on their most recent full length release ’48:13′, it would be difficult to argue that there is a band out there who can get a crowd more rowdy and excited than Kasabian. With their classic hits performed, and the audience well and truly within their grasp, Serge stepped out alone and performed an acoustic cover of Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ which then blended into fan favourite ‘Take Aim’. This seemed to be a stand out moment as pretty much all 70,000 odd people sang it as loud as he did. After a perfectly executed performance, displaying all of the qualities of the band, they bring on the strange character that is Noël Fielding as part of their encore before finishing, as expected, with Lost Souls Forever. This erratic exhibition of crowd pleasers and daring performance was a worthy finish to an amazing Glastonbury Festival, which saw a variety of memorable sets and moments.

Words by David Brown

Kasabian – Velociraptor!

Finally the wait was over for me, being a big Kasabian fan I was highly anticipating this album as i’m sure many other people were. After their third album (West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum) which contained songs like “underdog”, “fast fuse”, “vlad the impaler” and “where did all the love go”. By the way that’s just four of the songs there that featured on the album, honestly the whole album is brilliant, if you haven’t heard it yet, just listen to it. Doesn’t matter how, just do it, it’s a top album.

So, yeah after that I was wondering how could they possibly follow it up, because a lot of bands struggle to follow up a really good album, they really do struggle e.g. Stone Roses, The Fratellis (Not a bad second album, just expected it to be better), Oasis (Following up “whats the story?” with “be here now” how long did that album go on for?) and my girlfriends is going to plot to murder me for saying this…. The kooks with KONK, I’m sorry I just don’t think it’s that good, im not going to even mention the new album. Back to the real stuff. Velociraptor!

It came out on Monday 19th September, and I didn’t receive it off HMV until 20th, might not mean a lot to some people but i missed a whole day of listening to it, which I won’t get back, so how was it? let’s take it track by track.

1. Let’s roll just like we used to 

It started off with a gong. Which I expected after watching countless interviews of the band talking about the songs. Will the song blow up in my face and blow me away? no. It moved onto some trumpets (I think) and then to a man walking with some change in his pocket. Then there was a voice, Tom’s lovely voice caressing my ears. The song has a great part before the hook line (chorus), a sound that makes you feel like you’re in some sort of danger. Just what you want from a song though, makes you feel something, and you got a great bit to sing to when it gets to “there at it again..” (believe me it sounds better then you reading it). Overall I think it was a good song to open the album with as it’s something you can easily start singing to and get hooked to, your half way through the song and your singing it already because it’s not really lyric heavy. On to the next one.

2. Day’s are forgotten

Having listening to this song a number of times before the album came out, I though it would of come a bit later in the album so it has some meat in the middle of this bad boy, but obviously they wanted to grab you around the neck right at the start, as if there was no time to spare. I’ve listened to this quite few times (it’s quite sad, but I was hooked), and everytime I listened to it I couldn’t pick a fault with it at all, no matter how hard I listened for something that annoyed me, or something that wasn’t right I couldn’t find it. It’s get a brilliant riff created by good old Serge (expected nothing less), Good drum beat, Toms top form singing and really heavy lyrics. When “Shoot the runner” came out I thought those lyrics were quite up front and at you, but this tops it. It’s classic Kasabian. Some people could sit back and say “what are the lyrics about? they don’t mean anything?”. The answer my fickle friend is that it doesn’t matter because it’s just a great song to go abseloutly mad too and scream your head off.

3. Goodbye kiss

I remember reading a review somewhere I can’t remember about this album, and the person said that this was their favorite song off the album so I had high hopes for this one. The drum beat kicked in, then there was the tambourine which reminded me of Santa’s sleigh. Like if Santa had like sleigh bells or a noise that represented him, this would be it. When I heard that I knew this song wasn’t going to be in my face, but it was going to be slightly different from the Kasabian I know. And It was. After listening to the song I thought I was in some kind of love wonderland, decorated with roses and tambourines making that same noise of the song. The lyrics were very Un-Kasabian like for me except for “it all kicked off”. Although it was something I never really heard off them it was just a beautiful song. It was like realizing a big hooligan, thug man had a soft gentle side. It was nice to see that side of him but after that I was ready to see some more fighting and being manly.

4. La Fee Verte

I listened to this one before it came out, before I had the album. Bit like cheating, but i’m glad i did because i was alone and had time on my hands, which really worked well for this song, think you sort of have to be really listening to it to appreciate it. After first listening to it, I immediately started to tell people to listen to it alone. i don’t think any of them did, well it’s there loss. Remember me telling you the man had a gentle side and that I was ready for him to start fighting again? Well the man didn’t, he ignored that and turned round and started to take LSD. This song is brilliant, there a some references to the Beatles which some people will take too and some people will really hate. For me, I think it’s okay people reference and use a line, just as long as you don’t get carried away and just sort of steal the whole song. Another beautiful piece of music, one that Serge started writing on the piano which you can tell. The lyrics are brilliant, before you listen to the song with everyone and get bits of lyrics missed out. Listen to it on your own first or listen to it with someone who wants to listen to it just as much as you do, else the other person is going to bloody annoy you.

5. Velociraptor!

So you’ve just listened to a slow, mellow and quite psychedelic song, just when you think everything is quiet and you still in wonderland, thinking of the meaning to the song, the Velociraptor! Grabs you by the throat and begins to choke you, obviously not literally. With the opening line “Blast Off” right from the start, I was pumped up immediately, and started to shake my head ridiculously that i knew I would have a headache shortly after the song. The song is loud, heavy, shouty and in your face nearly everything i hate about people but everything I love in a song. Having tickets to see them, this is the song i’m most anticipating and dreading because I know I will die. Anything wrong with the song? just a slight problem the line “there’s nothing to it man” it’s a bit cheesy, a bit easy to write and if I dare say a bit American for me. Overall great song, does sound like a dinosaur though doesn’t it?

6. Acid Turkish bath (Shelter from the storm)

The song starts with some daunting chimes, not to keen on those. Then when the music kicks in, it’s music i would have if was going to meet like the king of Egypt back when there was Pharaohs. Finally that goes away , and has a lovely bass rhythm and Serge singing over it, as if he’s groaning, like he’s been beaten by some horrible man, with a stick that he made from a tree that fell down. Classic Kasabian conventions, a good bridge and chorus hook lines that are easily remembered and easy to sing. Doesn’t take anything from the song, it’s still good song but not as strong as the others that Iv’e explored and looked at. It’s an okay song, doesn’t stand, perhaps it’s one of those songs that will gradually grown on me.

7. I hear voices

The song came on, and I thought I walked in to like a space disco where I was on my own and doing some crap dance. The lyrics to this song are quite good and daring having the line “you can have my soul cuz it don’t mean shit, i’d sell it to the devil for another hit”, which I think it’s quite clever. The biggest thing about the song that I dislike is the bit because I love to hear the guitar and drums, in this you can’t hear either. None the less still a good catchy song, Iv’e heard worse around.

8. Re-wired

This for me is a bit like day’s are forgotten. When I say that I’m not ssaying it sounds exactly like it because that would obviously be stupid. In terms of heavyness of the lyrics, just a massive chorus. As if they were challenging someone. Again they make great use of the drums, but again not so raw. It doesn’t reslly sound like there’s a guitar in there. Still a great song to listen to as it pumps you up, it’s in your face. So a bit like I hear voices, it doesn’t set the world a light but it does put a little boogie in your step.

9. A Man of simple pleaures

They gave the drummer (Ian Matthews) a bit of a rest for this song, just a nice simple drum beat nothing to heavy. The guitar got introduced again, and the sort of lyrics that just roll off Serge’s tongue just keep coming out. A good song, not so powerful but surely there’s only so much power you can put in one album. Obviously in the song youv’e got the good old Kasabian scream, yelp that they do that sort of puts there signature on it.

10. Switchblade Smiles

This one was the first one I heard before the album came out, and if you were waiting for the album as much as I was and trying to get everything you could before it came out just to show off in front of your mates, then I’m sure you heard it too. When I first heard, I wasn’t to keen on it, didn’t go down well, wasn’t my cup of tea. So…What do you do when you know you have got to eat this but it won’t go down? You force it down. After about the fifth time of listening to it, I bloody loved it ( shame my mom didn’t). The drummer was brought back in to play having a real good session for this song as I’m sure his drums were turned up to 11 for this one. Serge churned out another amazing riff to get the crowd hooked. The lyrics obviously don’t mean anything personally, but they do make you want to punch your dad in the face and kick a chair over especially when the quiet grunt of the word “move” is heard. A great song to get up to in the morning, and then continuously listen to it through out the day (if you a Kasabian fan, if not steer clear). Perhaps maybe this song should have been track 6-9 to bulk up the middle, but I see t as the last kick before the album finishes.

11. Neon noon

The album had to finish somewhere. Unfortubately it had to finish now. When I read the title of the song it reminded me of the Verve song “Neon Wilderness” which I thought was called  “Neon afternoon” until I looked it up. What do you want for a song to do at the end of an album? I always want a soft track to calm down after the madness, and that’s what this song exactly does. Just a really easy chill out tune, and who better to sing it the nice mellow song than serge?


If your Kasabian die hard fan, your going to love the album because you love anything they do and you don’t listen to anything bad that has to be said about the boys. If you like Kasabian, admire their work, and liked their other albums previously (Kasabian, Empire and West Ryder) I’m more than sure you will admire this album as it is just a brilliant piece of work. The question is though, can they follow it up? Surely they can’t do another amazing album,surely.

Songs to download:

Lets roll just like we used too,Days are forgotten, Goodbye Kiss, La Fee Verte, Velociraptor! and Switchblade Smiles