NEW MUSIC NOW! Basement Revolver – ‘ Johnny pt.2’

Featuring on today’s New Music Now we have Basement Revolver and their brand new track ‘Johnny Pt.2‘! After huge success with their original Johnny track, the band are back with the second part, and is even better. The track has a very moody overtone to it, andis centered around the loss of someone, which the band have clarified.

Most of the songs on this EP are dealing with the aftermath of a breakup, the mental health issues exacerbated by this breakup, or the moving forward from said breakup – I think that we’ve all been there!”

The track is very bold and has hints of shoegaze around it with it’s increased hazy feeling, which creates a great sense of disillusion and confusion. The vocals on this track set the tone for the song perfectly, with the slow and heartfelt delivery it’s quite easy to spot that this song is somewhat personal. Which is one of the great features of this song, its emotion and the well created atmosphere by the band for this song to live.

Words by Alex Wise