NEW MUSIC NOW: Bokito – ‘Better At Getting Worse’



Today on New Music Now, London five-piece Bokito take the stage with their new single “Better at Getting Worse“, which keeps getting better with every listen. The song has a frantic pace from start to finish, with the manic rush of the catchy guitar riff combined with the unique vocal style of lead singer Moses Moorhouse. From everything from the breakdown to the outro, the band still keep that pace going refusing to lose your attention. It’s a well-produced piece of music with heavenly harmonies well placed throughout, along with the keys providing some depth to the sound. On top of all of this is that the chorus is inherently catchy, and easy to jump onto after only one listen. 

There’s so much energy given throughout the song, it leads to the conclusion that it could easily become the bands go to song to force the crowd to lose themselves. Bokito you won’t be forgotten here, and have definitely gained a fan.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


Classic Album Review: The Maccabees -‘Colour It In’



As The Macabees have just released their critically acclaimed fourth album ‘Marks to Prove it’, it would be interesting to take a step back and look at where they started by zoning in on their colourful debut album ‘ Colour It On’.

When the album came out the indie music scene was in a a relatively dire state, with only Arctic Monkeys only really flying the flag, do not even mention Razorlight. They had one song. So when The Maccabees graced us with this album it was like breath of fresh air after a year working in a dust ridden warehouse.

The album had a number of high points throughout, and never lets you down with any song. You can nit pick all you like but, you’ll struggle to find a fault.  As the album opener ‘Good old Bill’ settles you in , ‘X-Ray’ hits you and you weren’t ready for it. The frantic pace of the song is good enough, but combined with the aggressive riff the song completely blows it out the water.

‘All In Your Rows’ , ‘Latchmere’ and ‘About Your Dress’ provide you with with those moments of the crowd unifying and screaming the words straight back at the band. Not all songs have to be intricate and mind boggling and, these songs prove it as none of them are particularly doused with guitar trickery,but they have the vital component which is getting you hooked.

The highlight of the album could be several songs, but for in this particular instance it’s ‘First Love’ as it takes you from the depths of subtle guitar playing to a complete riot. The Maccabees have this particular skill in abundance, and the frightening fact is that they had it from the get go.

Each classic album has that slow song, which everyone attempts to learn on guitar and sing to themselves about a girl, ‘Toothpaste Kisses’ is that song. Its completely stripped back to an almost lo-if recording with the vocals and guitar sounding underproduced, giving it that honest feeling, which surround ps the album.

This sparked off something that has blossomed into one of the UK’s most underrated bands, but the people who appreciate and understand The Maccabees, will hold them dear forever.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563



NEW MUSIC NOW! Larkins – ‘Velvet’



Today we have up and coming band Larkins with their new single ‘Velvet,’ which has been released on Manchester based Scruff of the Neck Records. The quartet from Manchester have been turning heads since jumping on the scene earning over 2,000 like on Facebook and gaining quite a live following. However it’s this song which could very possibly help the band reach that next level, and take themselves to the next stage.

‘Velvet’ has a really clean sound which is matched by impeccable vocals and swagger, as the riff at the start is similar to something early Last Shadow Puppets work,  with it’s heavy reverb yet eerie feel. The song seems very minimal with a subtle synth, a basic drum beat and straight vocals. However that’s all the song needed at the start because it keeps your interest until the screaming like guitar work comes bursting through for the chorus.

It’s good to hear the band haven’t tried to follow in the footsteps of Manchester giants Oasis and The Stone Roses, as they would of easily drawn comparisons and more than likely sounded like a bad rip off. One thing Larkins seem to have inherited is the swagger that can be heard on the song, they don’t come across scared or timid, they’re confident and  are very aware of the talent they have which is something that is integral for any great band.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563


NEW MUSIC NOW! Not Monsters – ‘On Tilt’

This is a debut for Not Monsters on WFM, which is fitting seen as this is their debut video for their new song ‘On Tilt’. The Four-Piece from Dublin, Ireland have come out with quite the debut video here as they’ve nailed an aesthetically pleasing piece of work, but what about the music?
The track is packed to the brim with energy as it kicks off with an intense build combined with some soft guitars before it turns crazy, as they pace picks up and throws you into madness. The vocals float in which have a Guy Garvey feel to them just less dramatic, but they suit the track perfectly. This sets them apart from a lot of up and coming guitar bands which seem to have a similar vocal style imprinted on them. A feature that really sticks out in the track is the poignant drums which gives the guitars this really raw edge to them.

The song has a really dark undertone embedded within it and the band have flaunted it which is perfect. As well as the video having this dark image of an unknown pill being taken the lyrics really paint a dark picture with the line “I lost some friends and some family/my car window changing scenery” is a heartfelt line.

The track is released May 28th so make sure you back the band and buy your copy here! >

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

NEW MUSIC NOW! Polkadoge – ‘All in my Head’

Photo by Scott Hukins
Photo by Scott Hukins


After hearing this track over two weeks ago I could barely wait to throw the track up on the Website because of how it good it is. Finally the track has been released and the song is out, enjoy.

Polkadodge are an indie pop act from the ever cultural Sheffield, home to some of the most successful acts of music (Arctic Monkeys, Pulp etc.) and their new track ‘All in my Head‘ looks to put them on that list.

The track is fast paced and unforgiving throughout allowing you no time to grab on to the rails, as it throws you around the room with the frantic energy provided by every aspect of the band. The vocals are such an instrumental part of the track as it bottles this energy and throws it at you through singing. The guitar sets such an anthemic base for the track with the heavy reverb and drums just accentuate this by creating this bedlam behind it to back it up

You can watch the video for the new song over at their Facebook just follow this link >

Words By Alex Wise

NEW MUSIC NOW! Bayonet – ‘Everything’



Today featuring on NEW MUSIC NOW we have a popular act hailing from Sheffield called Bayonet with their new track ‘Everything’, although they’ve been on the radar for a while the right time never came to feature them, but now the stars are aligned and everything is in place. The track will be released on Scruff of the Neck Records, an increasingly popular label around the area.

The track is really bright and vibrant with the clean cut singing and a popping guitar attracting some similarities to The 1975, however the band do not rip them off at all as they only have subtle influences while maintaining their own vibe. With the song just clocking in under three minutes it makes a great pop song, as it’s so easy to be caught up singing along after listening for one minute.

The catchy riff is possibly the highlight of the song because it’s just so infectious yet simple, who said everything had to be complex. The production is perfect as everything sounds clear as bell and has a very professional style from start to finish, and it has been overly tampered with as everything sounds clean and raw.

This should be the start the catalyst for the band to go on and release more new music, and hopefully it reaches the bar that they have set themselves with this track.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

NEW MUSIC NOW! Pure Youth – ‘Other Side’



To follow a trend that’s been set here, once again New Music is being promoted today and it’s Pure Youth with their long awaited new track ‘Other Side‘, a song filled with noise and energy throughout. The track starts with a nice soft opening before it jolts into action and pummels you with crashing drum beats and an atmospheric sounding guitar.

It has UK indie lad band plastered all over it as it has several influences on show from Catfish and the Bottlemen along with Circa Waves and The Naked and Famous. However the band do not hide from this as they wear it bravely and pull it off with style. It’s a risky move having these styles so blatantly on show yet they manage to have their own twist making them a completely different act.

It may have been a while waiting for this track but it’s been worthwhile as the band have been working very hard and it’s paid off. Now they’re on the WFM radar they won’t be dropped, as I wait eagerly for new material.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

Baywaves – ‘Only For Uz’ EP Review


Only For Uz is the debut EP for Spanish sensations Baywaves, and it may prove to be one of the most important steps in their music career. After impressing time and time again with their single releases, Baywaves have upped the ante by releasing this and it’s sure to pay off.

The EP kicks off with “Time is Passing U By”, a song that’s previously been covered here, its dreamy riffs and vocals soaked in haziness it’s difficult not to enjoy the song. Being alternative, it’s not so far removed that a casual music fan cannot enjoy it, a swift move from the band.

“The Freak Kingdom” and “To the North” provide the filling in the EP, if the EP was a sandwich. They both follow suit from the opener as the maestros continue to provide you with a unique sound, which gives you a floaty feeling. The band are heavily influenced by the Tame Impala and it’s shown here, however they haven’t ripped off or rehashed something Tame Impala have already done as Baywaves have kept them simply as an influence.

Reaching the end of the EP was hard to come to terms with after listening through, because it leaves you aching for more which is always a good sign. “Marsupilami” wraps the EP up exquisitely as it is the catchiest of the bunch, with vibrant sounds providing exotic colours for your eyes, you’re left in a dreamland of sorts. The guitar work in here is played to perfection, giving the vocals a bed to thrive on.

The only criticism that could be found about this EP is that it’s not long enough; the guys truly did themselves justice with a release like this. Knowing how hard the band work and, how far they’re willing to travel to make something of this there’s a massive amount of respect towards this EP. This should be their pin on the map and the catalyst for bigger things, bring on the album!

Words By Alex Wise @al4563



10 questions for Pleasure House!



With their upcoming EP ‘Show Your Colours’ coming out on 8th April we got the chance to fire our 10 questions at Pleasure House’s  charismatic frontman Alex Heffernan. The band have been on the rise this past year and the release of this EP could be the catalyst for something big, so why not find out more about their likes and dislikes!

1) Your top 5 albums?
Foals – Total Life Forever
Radiohead – Kid A
The Smiths – Hatful of Hollow
Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago
Kendrick Lamar – Section 80

2) Best venue you’ve played?
The Institute

3) An artist or band you’d like to collaborate with and why?
Glass Animals, because the electronics sound like LCD.
4) An artists or band that you dislike and why?
Beyonce, because we’ll never be that sassy.
5) One song you cannot stand and why?
Probably something by Metallica.

6) Most embarrassing moment as a musician?
When you lack plectrums.
7) If you could steal one haircut from anyone, who’s would it be?
Probably something from Metallica. Not Lars.
8) One song you wish you could’ve wrote?
505 by Arctic Monkeys.
9) Favourite lyric?
I faced it all and I stood tall, I did it my way.
10) An album you wish you could erase from time?

Thankyou so much for your time Alex it’s much appreciated!

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Listen: shoot the rabbit – ‘Genes’

If you’re in the mood to listen to something quick,easy and pleasurable then look no further that Shoot The Rabbit’s homemade track ‘Genes’.

Coming in just under a minute, the song does ask for your attention for long, however on this short space of time the band easily make a case for themselves to be a new you should keep track of.

The charmingly lethargic feel of the song is welcome trait, and when it’s mixed with a simple strumming pattern its hard to pick faults with it. As nice as it is to have a four minute belter that screams at you it’s refreshing to sit back and relax to a song like this.