EP Review | I See Rivers – ‘Play It Cool’

I See Rivers - Play it Cool

I See Rivers deliver on their Second EP ‘Play It Cool’

Ever since finding out about I See Rivers I was fascinated with their style of music and the wonderous ways they used their vocal harmonies. Last year the band took on the 10 Questions, and they really showed their personality along with their eclectic music taste!

Fast forward a year and the band have released their second EP Play It Cool which I was highly anticipating after the release of ‘I Don’t Know’. It turns out the anticipation was justified as the band delivered on all fronts.

The EP has 4 tranquil tracks filled with blissful vocals and complete wonder, something you can truly relax to. The opening track is the title track ‘Play It Cool’ setting up the EP perfectly, with dainty guitars and flawless harmonies. The uplifting sound of the song really finds a home in the summer, as it as welcoming as a cool breeze on hot day.

T Think I Like You’  is a another great song due to the different elements the band bring into the track, with the finger snaps along with the high tone guitar. It’s a lot more snappier than the other tracks on the EP, making it really stand out. Following that you have the bright ‘I Don’t Know’ which just aches of of not knowing where you’re meant to be, and they bottle that feeling perfectly within this song. This makes the song easily relatable as we’ve all had times where you don’t know where you’re supposed to be or what you’re meant to be doing in life, giving it an honest raw human touch.

To end the EP you have ‘Give Up’ which is an ideal closer as it has a darker and slower edge to it, as they sing you a tale of an ending relationship. Once again the harmonies really dominate this track and leave you with a great lasting impression on the band.

I See Rivers have quickly become one of those bands I constantly go out of my way to see what they’re doing, and it’s because of their sheer consistency they have when it comes to writing music. Highly recommend this EP to anybody because it has that quality – they don’t tie themselves down to a certain genre, it’s a likeable EP.

Looking forward to see what the band gets up to at the back end of this year, but you know for certain they will be busy! Honestly one of the most enjoyable acts out there at the moment.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise