WFM Introducing…Hey Bulldog



Probably better off known as a Beatles’s song, however Hey Bulldog are capable of changing people’s thoughts when they hear those words, as their music takes psychedelia to different level, as it they give it a much heavier and shoegaze twist. The Manchester trio have been together since the start of 2008, and since then they have been refining their sound and make it identifiable to them. The band have had their sound for a while now, and their new EP ‘Numb’ show’s this as it is honeyed with psychedelia from top to bottom.

Their new EP seems to bring all of psychedelia’s best elements together, as it could easily put you in a trance which would be a struggle to get out of, and it also has the capability of making thrash your head back and forth. The Manchester accent is ever present in the songs, which you’d think would take away from the songs and the genre they stem from, however it brings a surprising twist that you can’t really argue with as it comes off well.

Since listening to the EP and talking to the band, it’s clear what the bands intentions, and with releases like this, it will make the task much easier.