Hella Better Dancer – Sleep (Single)



Hella Better Dancer, a four piece made up of 3 girls and a boy hailing from London/Brighton. Although the current line up has only been together for only a year the band has been going since they were 16, so there’s some solidity in the band. The band has done incredibly well since being together as they’ve built a strong fan base as you can see on their soundcloud, hitting over 1,000 views on each song. So who’s in this band?

Tilly – Rhythm Guitar

Soph – lead guitar and backing vocals

Josh – bass

Kari – drums/backing vocals


A highly anticipated review this one, after hearing it for the first time the thought of reviewing and sharing it around was a good, just couldn’t wait.  After listening to this one I went on to listen to all their previous stuff, that’s the effect this song had. The intro is somewhat xx- Esque, with the slow movement on the fret board and the reverb it effect giving it that atmospheric feel.

hella better

It remains dreamy and succulent throughout and with the addition of the vocals it makes it even more so endearing as every second seems to float past your ears.  Songs like these are more often then not brilliantly composed, and this one is, because you can’t really throw a song like this together, each note must linger around you leading you on to the next one smoothly. The echoes in the piece add to the atmospheric effect  and urges you to sing along each time you hear “ahahahahaha”. If this is the demo, I’m waiting with baited breath to hear the completed version because this one could stand as the completed version and wouldn’t look out of place.

Oh yeah, they’re touring aswell, so get down if you can and support (Wish I could)

14th May @ Green Door Store, Brighton (Great Escape warm up show)
15th May @ Old Blue Last, London
30th May @ Dalston Victoria, London w/ Deaf Club (Ep Launch)
29th June @ Queen of Hoxton, London
12th July @ LeeFest

Words by Alex Wise @al4563