Interview with Remo Drive!

Photo by Trevor Sweeney

With their debut album out in full swing, Remo Drive have been making a name for themselves with their release of Greatest Hits. It’s inspiring to see the amount of attention the band has received since then, so we managed to catch up with them earlier in the week to find out exactly how the record was made and where the band are looking to take this momentum!

So glad you guys accepted to take the interview, I cannot believe I hadn’t heard more of the band! So where did it all start?

Thanks for asking us! We started in 2014 in Bloomington, MN. Stephen and I are brothers so we’ve been playing together for years. Sam eventually joined us. We wrote a lot of music and stuff between then and now but here we are!

I really enjoyed the album, and I’m sure I saw on one of your tweets that it was recorded in someones basement, is that true? Did you find it difficult recording there?

We recorded it in my parents living room/ basement/ my bedroom. It was difficult in some respects but also a lot more comfortable for us. We’ve never been in a real studio setting so recording at home was really nice for us.

I love the sound that you achieved on the album, what sort of equipment were you guys using? Was there a particular sound you were trying to get to?
Thank you! I’ll just do a little bullet point list for each instrument:
Guitar Gear:

-PureSalem Jimmy
-Fender MIJ Jazzmaster
-Mesa f100
-Earthquaker Dunes and Dirt Transmitter
-Hall of Fame reverb
-Hardwire Delay

Bass Gear:
-Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass
-Orange Bass Terror through a 4×10 and 1×15
-Sans Amp Bass Driver
-ZVex Basstortion

-Infinity Drumworks Kit
-Meinl Cymbals

-Focusrite Saffire Interface
-A lot of mics (mostly dynamic)

What are some of the influences that you took into the album?

We listen to all sorts of music! For Remo Drive’s writing we love Jeff Rosenstock, PUP, Vampire Weekend, and Weezer.

The album is pretty stacked with songs, how long was the album in production, how long have you been working on it?

We wrote from March of 2016 to July of 2016. We began recording in late July and finished right before we left for a tour in early August. The instrumentals were recorded pretty quickly. I did the vocals in October over the course of a week or two.

Is there a song on the album that you’re particularly proud of, and why?

Name Brand. I think that song signals the direction we will be heading with future music of ours. It is the most complex song on the record and loads of fun to play!

You guys started to get a bit of a buzz with the release of ‘Yer Killin me‘, did you have a feeling the album was going to be as well received as that track?

I was worried from the moment that we started getting buzz that people would be disappointed by the album. I’m not really sure why I felt that way (if seems kind of silly in retrospect). I think I was worried that people would expect all the songs to sound like that.

How are you guys going to capitalize on this momentum you’ve gained through the release of the album?

We’re hoping to tour and continue to make videos! I hope we continue getting reviews and interviews like this as well.

Which venues are you looking forward to playing? also is there a possisbility of coming over to the UK?

We just announced a show with Sorority Noise and The Obsessives in Chicago! I did some research on the venue and I think that’s the biggest place we’ll have ever played; I’m so excited! I hope we make it over to the UK but as of now we don’t have the resources.

I know it may be too soon to ask, but when can we expect the next release from the band and will it be another step in this direction, or do you think you may try something different?

I’m not sure when we’ll have another record ready but we’ve been writing since we finished recording Greatest Hits. I think it sounds different in a really good way. We want to preserve the energy of Greatest Hits but come at it from a different direction.

Thanks so much for answering the questions guys!

Thanks for asking! we appreciate it!