Feed the Kid release new song ‘Red River’



Manchester five-piece Feed the Kid have released another must hear tune with ‘Red River’.

A deep guitar accompanied with the bluesy feel, it seems the band have found a good balance without being too cheesey with it. Along with all of this,the songs still manages to have some folky characteristics especially with little guitar diddys inbetween.

This is another good step for the band, a step which they can continue to build on and become a band that’s recognised across the country.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

Feed The Kid – I love the walk – Unsigned Bands


Another one of the bands that I have discovered through twitter, and they’ve asked me to review one of their songs called ‘I love the walk’. They’re a five piece rock and roll band from Manchester, and they originally started so they could give there mate’s gingerbread kid a future. They formed in early 2012, so still quite new for a band really, and they’ve performed their first single which is ‘I love the walk’ on Manchester’s Imagine FM. They take influences from Cast, The Doors, James and The Cure.

The Music

For their first single, and as a band that is relatively new as they’ve only been together for about 7 months, I think this song is rather good. It’s got a beautiful acoustic guitar in this song, just rolls off and is actually quite soothing. As well as the acoustic guitar it’s got some piano parts in it which I’m normally not a very big fan of, but It really suits the song in this case.

I think it’s been produced brilliantly, it’s sounds very together and it sounds like they’ve put a nice effect on to the guitar and the vocals. The singing in this which is done by Taylor are sublime, in the vocals department it’s a top class performance, and it gets better at 2.23. The lyrics are beautiful, also there’s this really nice part in there where they’re singing ‘ahhhhhhahhhhahhahhhh’ , sometimes bands do this just to fill a gap and it doesn’t seem necessary, but here it fits in nicely.


Another great song, from another great band, hopefully they will bring out some more stuff soon because this really is a beautiful piece. The least we all could do is to listen to the song and follow em’ on twitter. FEED THE KID!

Here’s their Soundlcoud – http://soundcloud.com/feedthekid

Their Twitter – @feed_the_kid