Single of the Week | FAITH – ‘1992’


Birmingham Band FAITH Release ‘1992′ Ahead of EP Two

After having a quiet period in the studio working on their second EP entitled Two, FAITH have released another teaser into what we can expect from their second EP. ‘1992′ is the second track the band have released on the lead up to  the EP, with ‘Honey‘ being the first, and it looks as though the band have firmly fell on their feet and found their sound.

Watch Below:

The slow, soft intro (which was recorded on Garageband), bares no resemblance to what the track turns into as a funky drum beat eases you in. The track has a very Stone Roses ‘Fools Gold’ type feel with wah-wah guitar sounds being a prominent feature, along with quick shifting drums.

The lyrics are something to note as they have a different style to previous FAITH tracks, with the song very much being a reflection on where the band are now, and where they want to be. The song is packed full with lyrics and they’re delivered in a rapid fire style, giving the track an upbeat, pacy energy.

One thing you can count on FAITH for is a good solo, and they deliver that here.  The solo lasts over a minute closing out the song, and is something marvel at. It’s well thought out and put together as it holds your attention while it works around the guitar.

It’s great to hear that the band are ready to release their second EP and play it to live crowds. Keep an eye out for the EP which will be released in September, cannot wait to seem them live!

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Words by Alex Wise