Exclusive! Campfire Social release new song “Breathe Out Slowly”

Campfire Social release Brand New Track ‘Breathe Out Slowly’

After releasing their incredible debut EP Wellbeing last year it was clear the Campfire Social had something really special to offer. With their glowing harmonies and tightly sewn riffs, the EP had a very positive vibe which felt like it was designed to be played out in the sun amongst ice cream and freshly cut grass.

Well after nearly 9 Months since releasing the EP, Campfire Social have returned in very timely fashion and gifted us with ‘Breathe Out Slowly’. This track very much follows suit of what Wellbeing was all about as they keep their charmingly bright harmonies and Summer-Fuelled riffs, while adding some subtleties to their repertoire.

The streak of positivity which runs through Campfire Social comes out in their songs, with this being a perfect example as the words “What if I was to tell you that everything works out fine” ring through my headThe breakdown of the track has more of an electric guttural approach, which is something there wasn’t a great deal of on Wellbeing so it’s great to hear that on the song.

The time away from releasing music hasn’t affected Campfire Social in the slightest. This track provides evidence the band have so much to offer, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one left wanting more.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise