New Release | Toothpaste – ‘Bedtime’

Dream Pop band Toothpaste release New Track ‘Bedtime’

London Dream Poppers Toothpaste have released their first single of the year, and it’s steeped in DIY dream pop textures that will warm you up when listening.

As the track starts with a slow guitar and a beat so laid back that it could fall off the chair when leaning back, Toothpaste create a perfect bed of music for equally mellow vocals. The song stays around that slow melodic beat for the entirety of the track never drifting too far, as some finger clicks are introduced.

The track was produced by band member Daisy Edwards, meaning the band had a huge say int what this track sounded like at the end. However it did have some mastering work completed by Slowdive’s Simon Scott, who has an ear for this style of music, refining the track to a high standard.

The tracks has some very dark undertones to it with the lyrics, as they read “Waiting in my bed for the Perfect Time / To tell the one I love I might be dead Inside / Oh what a nice surprise”. This is at contrast with the beautiful atmosphere the band have created for us on this track, and it works so well. It’s a delicate number the band have created, one which I would love to see performed live.

Which you can see, as the band are having a FREE launch party! – Details Here

Toothpaste Single Launch Party

Hope you enjoyed the track, what did you make of the bands first release of the year?

Words by Alex Wise





Album Review: Dream Lake – ‘LUX’

Dream Lake – LUX

After spending some important time crafting and developing their sound, Dream Lake are finally back with their brand new album LUX. Shortly after their successful self-entitled EP back in 2013, the band decided to take some time to create their new album, which has benefited the Swedish duo without doubt. They’ve always had a certain sound and aura to them, but it had never been fleshed out over a big project. LUX was the perfect opportunity to do this.

The album is very neatly packaged and well thought out, with the album having the songs ‘Intro Lux’, ‘Inter Lux’ and ‘Post Lux’, which gives the record a storybook feeling with an instrumental narrative attached to it. The band clearly had this idea of taking the listener through this story, and mapped it out cleverly with this subtle hint.

Intro Lux’ starts the album with this quick and sharp introduction that has a beautiful wondrous sound to it. This atmospheric flow brings you through nicely to the next song ‘Let us stay in the Light’, the mellow attitude flows out of the song as it brings calm to your mind. With the soft and cuddly vocals, you can forget about what’s happening around you and the general stresses.  The entire album has this mellow attitude painted all across it, as no song really deviates from this which creates an overall calm listening experience.

It’s impressing to hear the variations the duo can present this atmospheric and sleek feeling without it becoming tiresome or monotonous. The track that comes next is ‘World of Dreams’ which has this wonderful melody and uplifting keys throughout it, however it’s the vocals that steal the show as they bring this fourth dimension to the song, as well as every other one.

A high point of the album is when the gentle notes of ‘Midnight Sun’ begin to creep in. With its angelic posture and heavenly features it sounds so grandiose that it could’ve been created direct from heaven itself. Along with this ‘Blueness of The Night’ also leaves a lasting impression on the ears, once again it’s the power of the keys and vocals combined, creating this larger than life soundtrack. It has a very catchy hook, which only works in the songs favour, making it one of the key tracks of the record.

The instrumental track ‘Post Lux’ closes the record off, and it very much feels like the ending of something, with these longing keys being played on this very delicate bed of beauty. The song is only short lived with it only being 2 minutes, yet it puts a bow on a very positive album.

Dream Lake have created a perfect base for them to build on with their next project, this album clearly stated what their sound is and in the coming years it will be interesting to see how far the two can really push their boundaries, and see how far they can really go.


Words by Alex Wise @al4563



NEW MUSIC NOW! Dream Lake – ‘ Blueness of the Night’



After a period of time away Stockholm Pop-Duo Dream Lake have released their latest masterpiece ‘Blueness of the Night‘, which continues their impressive impression they’ve already made on so many people.

The song is powerful yet delicate throughout, with the strong atmospherics and beautiful synth it’s combined with subtle keys and well placed guitar parts that give it great texture. However the vocals provided by Isabella Svärdstam leaves a great stamp on the song giving it the Dream Lake signature under it. Her vocals are angelic and touching without being overbearing, which supplies the song with a classic quality.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

Fine Animal release ‘Perpetually Waking up’

Drawing by Dino Nemec @Dinonemec
Drawing by Dino Nemec @Dinonemec


The extremely talented dream pop trio, Fine Animal, have released another beautiful song entitled ‘Perpetually Waking Up’. The song is completely manic from start to finish because of the clever use of synth along combined with this overpowering voice. This song easily delves into the electronic realm, while managing not to becompletely electronic with the use of various different components.

Listen for yourself!


Words by Alex Wise @al4563

Ummagma – Talk To Her – Single



Ummagma are probably one of the strangest duos you will ever come across, but that is meant in a good sense. The duo is made up of Shauna McLarnon who hails from Canada and Alexx Kretov from Ukraine, and together they make soundscapes, mesmerizing vocals and beast to deliver a rich and rewarding listen. Their music stretches across sever genres which include, dream-pop, shoegaze, alt-pop to mention a few, the couple met at an acoustic guitar concert, their relationship developing into a marriage and then into a musical partenership which they called Ummagma. They both have a rich back ground of music with Shauna singing acapella and working with various Moscow musicians, while Alexx was a solo guitarist experimenting with home recording. Beginning in 2003, they set up a home recording studio so they could work on their music at home, developing and honing their musical skills and sound they upgraded their studio and recorded music.

‘Talk to Her’

You’ll never listen to a piece of music like this anywhere else, not with the same attention to detail, composition or with the same mind baffling video that is accompanied with it.The atmospheric sounds created by Ummagma in this piece deserve your complete attention along with some appraisals, for it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard. Not only is this a piece of music but it classes as a piece of art in sound for it’s not something you can just listen and sing along to, it’s not something you can learn to play on the guitar, it’s just something you’ve just got to listen to appreciate. Theirs not a lot of elements to the song as there’s no real vocals or notable guitars playing, but everything that is there is works for the song, and works well. With the slow drifting beat in the background and the slumber sound just lingering about, you just feel at ease and relaxed.

I wish I could say more about this piece, but I can’t because it leaves you speechless. Just a few other tracks they have, if your mind hasn’t been blown enough.

Words by Alex Wise