Album Review: Delamere – ‘Delamere’


Creating a debut album is always a difficult task, because as much as you want to release it as quick as possible, you want to do yourself justice. Delamere have clearly been binding their time creating songs that they’re happy with and finally it’s been released, but have they done themselves justice?

The album opens with already released ‘Bright Young Things’, which is a strong opener and gives the listener an ideal introduction to Delamere. ‘Regress’ then follows which is a bright song with its key strengths coming from a strong melody and ear catching vocals.

Great long intro from ‘Kill it’ really sets the mood and builds it up nicely, until you’re welcomed with the warm vocals. They seem to have this bittersweet style which mixes slightly darker tones with uplifting vocals which act as the light at the end of the tunnel.

Great uses of the synth throughout the album and ‘Black and White space’ really showcases this as it doesn’t over power the song, it simply acts as a soft bed for the music and vocals to lie on. Their use of the synth is also really powerful on the song ‘Heart’, mixed with a really funky beat, once again boasting this dark undertone but using to contrast to the vocals, creating this euphoric sound from all corners.

‘Woods’ is possibly the mellowest of the bunch yet it still sticks to the bands quota. The song heavily leans on the exquisite vocals from the lead singer, and he delivers without fail. It breaks the album up perfectly because up until this song you’ve listened to a lot of banging drums and commanding guitars, so this acts perfectly as the calm before the storm.  ‘Headstrong’ quickly throws you back into the deep end and picks up where it left of, and is a solid addition to the album.

‘Betty Boop’ is nice little number before the big ending; although the song gets a bit repetitive the guitars lift the song up as they really drive it forward and makes the song an important component to the album.

It all ends with ‘Rain’ which is a strong ending to a whirlwind of an album. Although it’s not as in your face or as memorable as “’Kill It’ and ‘Heart’ it has its own qualities. Once again it has this dark side which finally breaks out in this song, and the vocals are as consistent as they have been throughout the album.

As a debut album, Delamere can be happy with this release as not one song falls below the average bar, with them all hitting easily over a 6.5, which makes a strong album. The band clearly has a sound that they’re going for and have executed it perfectly throughout the album faltering and no point. These songs will easily make for good live music, as they have this live feel to them when you’re listening, so seeing them live would enhance this song even more.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563