Album Review | Colour Me Wednesday – ‘Counting Pennies In The Afterlife’

Colour Me Wednesday Counting Pennies in the Afterlife

Colour Me Wednesday Impress with their Third Album Release


After being a band for over ten years (Since 2007) the band have released their third album, and it’s safe to say the band are still sticking to their honest indie/Punk roots. Since releasing their debut album I Thought it Was Morning in 2013, the band have gained themselves a strong following, it’s easy to see why when you listen to this latest album.

From the opening track ‘Sunriser’ you enter into a Worlds full of upbeat guitars and lyrics that everyone can related to with lines like “I Don’t wanna tempt fate but I’m surviving”, The tight guitars and drum beats that occur in this track are a staple of the entire album as each song has this manner of precise execution.

The album sways from pace to pace, and it’s encouraging to hear the band slow down in ‘Exposure’ where the acoustic guitar comes to the forefront and tangos with the vocals so well. It’s innocent sound is great, and the twinkle at the end of the track is a sweet touch.

Upbeat punchy tracks stick out throughout the tracklisting with ‘Heathers Left for Dead’ and  ‘Tinfoil’ are perfect examples, and have the quintessential of great indie songs. Even in ‘Entrepreneur’ has these sugar coated qualities that serve well in the hot summer sun.

Another feature which really lies in the bands favour is the exquisite harmonies which they nail every single time, complementing one anothers voices perfectly while telling tell-tale stories. A perfect example of this is the track ‘Disown’, showcasing all of their talents off perfectly.

Not My Turf’ is worthy of closing the album out as it clocks in just under 6 minutes, as the band present to you the longest track on the album. The slow build gets it’s glorious pay off at the end with guitars playing us out into distortion. At the end of the track we’re treated to hearing a child sing a song without a care in the World, which is a perfect way to end the album.

A great release from the band which they can be happy with, a solid indie album with a lot of tracks that will be a cornerstone to peoples Summers. If you’re in the mood to listen to some guilt free indie pop that will cheer you up look no further than this album.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise