Single of the Week | Chris Westwood – ‘Love & War’

Chris Westwood - Love and War

Chris Westwood takes his first steps going Solo and grabs Single of the Week

Sunday can only mean one thing, it’s Single of the Week. This is used to feature artists that you may not know about who have released something new this week, and the cream of the crop this time around is Birmingham Singer Songwriter Chris Westwood. After hanging up his electric guitar and leaving his previous band Dirty Little Lies, Chris has started his solo career which all starts with this release!

Chris takes to the piano for his single ‘Love and War’, which leans towards the more softer side of his musical talents. He delicately works his way around the keys to create a beautiful song.

It has some very soulful moments with the way the vocals are delivered, you can hear a hint of Paul Weller just when he started solo, a very strict voice which can reach those higher notes.

The tune is gentle and uplifting, something that Chris is able to take to another place with his vocals. The production of the track is also very well done, with the subtle strings which come in after the chorus, really softening it up.

This is only the beginning for Chris, as he still has big things he wants to accomplish. With a dedicated management behind him in Strawberry Moon Records, we will be hearing a lot more of his music going forward!

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Words by Alex Wise