Interview | Bryony Williams answers 10 Questions

Bryony Williams

Wolverhampton’s Bryony Williams tells us about her Favourite Venue, Best Album this Year and Much More!

When did you start to write music?

Actually writing music… I’m gonna say 2014.

What made you want to get into music?

My dad and going to gigs. Like childhood Bryony would say, ‘I wanna be a Rockstar!’

Best venue you’ve ever played and why?

Centrala, Digbeth. It was the last night of the tour and the EP launch show of ‘Conscious’, and my first performance with the band. IT was rough and slightly-ready, very relaxed and we had everyone dancing right in front of us (there’s not a stage at this venue) so it was great fun for everyone. Just a pity we got ripped off by the promoter.

One band/artist you’d love to support?

Soccer Mommy

What’s the greatest love song ever written?

Here’s a curveball for an answer: Daughters soundtrack for Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

The best album that you’ve heard this year?

In a Poem Unlimited – U.S. Girls – Listen Here

Most overrated band/artist of all time?

Drake? Not like I listen to him, but that recent Spotify campaign of his ticked me off.

What was the last song you streamed on Spotify?

Eliza – Anna Calvi

Which three artists/bands should we be looking out for? (Musically not for Criminal Offences)

The Sunset Beach Hut

The Hungry Ghosts

Joe Booley.

What do you want to accomplish next as a band?

To perform in other cities than Birmingham to expand our audience reach. To produce a music video for ‘Honey’. To start the next record (just as me).

Just would like to say thanks once again Bryony for taking the 10 Questions on. Make sure you follow Bryony and listen to her Second EP Conscious!

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