WFM Introducing…Brooklyn Lights!



Although they’ve only been going for a short period of 3-4 months Brooklyn Lights have been making some big steps and making people take notice.

The Birmingham band are a perfect example of how you can achieve so much in so little time, as they have already released three tracks in ’Young’, ‘Smile and a Wink’ and ‘Reminisce’, played a number of gigs and have an EP lined up. The band is making fast work of what normally is a long process, which can only be good news, as they are continuing to build on their momentum and strike while the iron is hot.

Their sound takes from traditional indie music with their catchy hooks and lyrics but they also have this larger than life sound doused in reverb, making the band sound incredibly big on their tracks. ‘Young’ is a perfect example of this as frontman Jay Hancox sings about the topic while leaving you impressed with his effortless guitar work.

Hopefully the band will build further on this momentum and continue to play frequently which will earn them a well-deserved fan base. In regards to the EP it should be a riot as they have given a clear indication of what to expect, and we can expect good things.

Words By Alex Wise @al4563