Sultanov – Break Free


Artist: Sultanov

Hometown: Russia

Influenced by: John Lennon

Stepping out into the wilderness today with my sword and shield in hand, as ‘Break Free’ is more of a pop song, than our usual well known territory of indie/punk/rock/everything else. Bands and artists always struggle to walk that tight rope of guitar pop music, as they often fall into the cheesy pit which is full of quavers and wotsits. However Sultanov surprisingly manages to pull it off and escaping with minimal damage, perhaps just a slight graze on the knee.

The attractive acoustic guitar riff is catchy to say the least, as it manages to be the forefront of the song along with the most important element of pop music, which is a tasty hook line. Sultanov persists in singing “All I wanna do is break free” and it forces it’s way in to your mind without even notifying you, which is effortlessly annoying when songs do that.  Writing a pop song is more difficult than it sounds, which means credit should be given to Sultanov as he makes it look as effortless as putting on a sock.

Although the song isn’t heavy with guitars or have screeching vocals embedded in it which is the more familiar sound that fills the air, but the song managed to catch my attention and entertain me. Although the song won’t be changing your life, it’s a safe bet that it will have you dancing for an allotted time.

by Alex Wise