Boris Carloff – Falling (Single)


Artist: Boris Carloff

Hometown: Prague

Sounds Like: No One

I’m not scared of the strange, I’m just curious of how people actually come to it and create what they create. Being quite use to the strange and wonderful after listening to Ummagma I always feel prepared for the slightly different pieces of music, however Boris Carloff’s new song ‘Falling’, took me back slightly. This definitely falls into the genre of Art-Pop as you can see in his music and also his video, because it’s not the normal musician walking around singing to himself. Both the video and the song is very well throughout, as they complement each other perfectly as there just both as strange, but thought provoking, with clever lyrics lying all over the place and the imagery alone is something to think about.

Accompanying the strange, you have the eerie side, which keeps appearing here and there, especially through the chorus as he sings ‘Falling’. Although it’s not the usual guitar thrashing music that I’m used to listening to, I found a happy home with this song as I keep revisiting to see if there’s anything more I can obtain from the song. So while it’s not the easiest listens, and you won’t be humming it to work, it still remains a good  piece of music because of how well thought out all the elements were in the song.