New Music Now! Table Scraps-‘My Obsession’


Table Scraps are a Birmingham band that have been consistently providing great tracks for a number of years now, so it’s no surprise to hear that their latest track ‘My Obsession‘ is any different. It’s amazing to note that in the ever changing world of music and how quickly it moves that Table Scraps have never changed their style or sound, which is possibly one of the best things about them. You know when you’re about to listen to Table Scraps that you’re going to get loud visceral guitars with these punchy drums, which come out and meet you face to face.

‘My Obsession’ does exactly that, with the crashing drums and this disjointed guitar bursting in at the start you already feel like you’re being haunted from within and are just waiting for those unique vocals. As the vocals come in they’re right in your face demanding your attention, and you have to give in. The simplicity of the song is great as there’s not much going on in terms of complexity, but the noise is that raw and gutfull it’s automatically very gripping. The breakdown within song is possibly one of the best parts, because the fuzz and anger flaring off the guitar is something to just enjoy.

If you like what you hear, be sure to catch the guys live wherever you can!


Monday 24th April​ – Crofters Rights, Bristol Thursday

27th April​ – Hare & Hounds, Birmingham Tuesday

2nd May​ – Old Blue Last, Shoreditch, London Thursday

4th May​ – Sound Bar, Liverpool

Also be sure to follow the band wherver they are on Social Media, they’re a pretty entertaining follow!

Instagram: @table_scraps


10 Questions for Table Scraps!


10 Questions is gradually becoming more and more of a staple here at WFM, and to add to that collection we have a big one! We managed to get the amazing noise punk band Table Scraps from the Midlands to take them on, and needless to say they didn’t let anyone down!

First things first how did you come to be?

Scott moved in to the house next door to Poppy, in Birmingham, and the rest is history. They’d both had spent years in the purgatory of music industry madness (before and after the bottom fell out in 2007), so had a shared understanding for cutting the bullshit. We disappeared into our own world: writing and producing our own records, making our own artwork, shooting our own videos, playing all over. Very much on our own terms. After writers decided that “two-pieces” were their own genre, and because we had too much hair between us, we got TJ in on bass to redress the balance.
What genre of music would you say you play?

There’s a lot swirling around the pot, but we tend to settle for “Garage Punk” as it covers most bases in a satisfying catchall. There’s a good chunk of metal and psych chucked in because… why not?

Which bands/artists do you take influences from?

In the spirit of rock’n’roll, everything we do is a jumble of influences and stuff Frankenstein’d together from all over the place. We can’t really start without a nod towards The Cramps. A large swathe of everything from The Stooges, Black Flag, Sabbath, Pissed Jeans, Thee Oh Seas, blah blah blah.

Best venue you’ve ever played and why?

We were invited to play in Madrid in December and, as they’re all mad for garage rock, so it became Beatlemania pretty quickly. We played The Wurtlizer Ballroom, one thing led to another, and we ended up mashing up our track ‘Motorcycle (Straight to Hell) with ‘Paranoid’. The place went nuts, we got dragged across the city for the rest of the night, didn’t pay for a single drink, and were all dead to the world the following day. It’d be weird not to also mention our adopted home of The Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath – a venue that defies the odds by putting on varied and interesting lineups whilst continuing to thrive in these deeply fucked times.

Best gig you’ve ever attended?

Thee Oh Sees at the basement in Birmingham around 2010. It was a tiny, red underground bar that was everything a bar should be. Sadly, after a year ‘the man’ tripled the rates and it closed. The band crammed a ton of gear into the tiny venue and did a blistering hour long set. I was DJing that night and Jon Dwyer even carried my records down the street for me. A gentlemen and a legend.


A band you would most like to support and why?

We’ve been very lucky to have played with some of our favourites (The Stranglers, Fat White Family, Kid Congo, King Tuff). Black Sabbath will probably be the one that got away, as they mean a lot to us being from Birmingham as well, but stranger things have happened…

A band that you would like to work with?

We’ve played with Yak twice and been blown away by their live show and their incredible work ethic. Their manic energy is definitely something that we’re on the same level with. It would be great to record in the states with Jim Diamond or Matt Vert Ray


Top five albums you’ve ever heard?

The Modern Lovers – The Modern Lovers

Pussy Galore – Uptight

Velvet Underground – White Light White Heat

Oblivians – Popular Favourites

Wipers – Youth Of America

Biggest accomplishment as a band/solo artist?

Doing it ourselves on a day to day basis and having invested the time to keep everything completely in-house is more satisfying than traditional band milestones to us. Nothing gets done without us all being 100% into it and, as we’re all so on the same page, we can turn things around as quickly or as slowly as we want in the interests of making everything as killer as it should be. 
What’s next in the pipeline?

We put out an LP ourselves just over a year ago. People liked it and it stirred up some interest and some fun opportunities for us, so now we’re making another one. Lots more touring as well – Come join the party!


Just would like to give a huge thanks to Table Scraps for taking on the 10 Questions, it’s much appreciated and all the best!


The Jacarandas release new song ‘Watergun’!



Birmingham band The Jacarandas have released a new hazy indie track entitled ‘Watergun’ which will help them continue build their committed fanbase.

‘Watergun’ showcases the bands the flamboyance as the track flows between a fast and a slow pace while keeping your attention throughout with the catchy vocals and simple hook. In many ways the band remind you of a young Belle and Sebastian but slightly more upbeat feel, as they have a simple sound with acoustic guitar fronting it all. This is refreshing to hear in the modern day as most bands are straying towards what’s popular, however The Jacarandas are standing their ground and playing what they know, and what they know is addictive to listen too.


Words by Alex Wise @al4563

Lovats release new song ‘Fiction’



Lovats’ much anticipated new single ‘Fiction’ is finally here and it’s as big as we knew it was going to be. The Birmingham five-piece had success with their previous single ‘White Fair’, and this will do exactly the same, if not better.

‘Fiction’ is a loud and hazy ride that goes on for over three minutes, but due to how good it is, the song ends too soon. Lovats seem to be stepping away from what a number of Birmingham bands are doing, which will only help them as they will stick out from large bunch of bands. Their songs have this catchy quality that is vital for most successful songs, the “la la la’s” could easily get a whole crowd singing along and spilling their pints over each other.

It’s another big step for Lovats, and it’s a very important one as they continue to pull in a bigger fan base and get everyone excited. Now all we need is a full  EP from the band which will push them even further!

Words By Alex Wise @al456

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Superfood – MAM EP Review

When a band put out a record that is 75% already released material, it can be hard to get excited about. But when the group are surrounded by as much hype as Superfood have been, it can also be impressively easy to get swept up in all. Sure, the debut EP from the Birmingham four-piece might not hold much that we haven’t heard from them before, but it stands as a worthy testament to everything that they are – and what they are is great fun.
Crafting their songs out of more hooks than you’d find in a bait shop, Superfood certainly know how to keep their audience listening. Guitar-driven tracks with pop sensibilities, echoing with more nostalgia than a nintendo game (well, nearing it), the bands sound has wasted no time in drawing themselves a fan base. Compiling nearly all the tracks the band have released so far (their eponymous debut excluded), the MAM EP is certainly a crowd-pleaser.
Re-recorded in all its sprawling glory, ‘TV’ is a storm of infectious riffs, catchy choruses, and raucous energy. ‘Bubbles’ showcases the band at their best – contrasting hefty refrains with intricate melodies and intimate vocals, the track doesn’t let down for an instant. ‘Melting’ opens with the most deliciously bubbling guitar riff you could dream of, but it takes EP closer ‘Houses On The Plain’ to show us something different. Vocals drowning in effects, the track presents a softer, more delicate side to Superfood, along with demonstrating them at their rawest.
Premiering your first track on prime time Radio 1 is a big start for a small-time group, but Superfood have more than filled the boots they laid out for themselves. It would be easy to dismiss them as just another hype band, but with this release, the group have shown that they’re going to be around for a while. Heading out on the road with We Are Scientists, they clearly show no signs of slowing down either. And whilst they keep producing music at this standard, we’re sure that no one is going to argue.
Words by Jess Goodman @alotlikejessica


Shatter Effect – Cold

Shatter Effect

Band: Shatter Effect

Hometown: West Midlands

In The Band: Rebecca Davies  ,Robin Davies, Ricky Hill ,Tom Karakas, Edd Duffell

Sounds Like: Depeche Mode, Coldplay (Bar Vocals)

Shatter Effects attempt at introducing the most hard-core indie/rock fans to the slightly more dance side of music is probably one of the best attempts I’ve ever heard as it’s swung me over. Whether it was intentional or not, Shatter Effect as new sort of indie dance music, with a slightly more uplifting feel surrounding it accompanied by some angelic vocals.

As they slowly introduce some subtle dance conventions, for example the atmospheric sounds and the slight change of the drum beat, the song starts become catchy. The riff is perhaps the main reason for this, as it continues to float throughout the whole piece it brings a mellow side to the song because not as overpowering as what I usually find myself listening too. Finally the track is immaculately produced, as there are no flaws in it at all, with no rough edges. After hearing this track by Shatter Effect, I will be more than likely following them to see if they release any new material, it’s something about their sound that just sits well with me.





Modern Minds – Levels (Single)

Modern Minds


A band that is terribly close to me (Birmingham), as this was the first band I ever booked for a gig and the first real band that I got to know and love for the music they make and the people in it. They’ve been together for quite some time now but having changed their name to Modern Minds and writing some new songs the band is ready to make a fresh start and take a new direction. As they’ve been together for nearly three years the band know each other inside out and have now honed their sound. With experience under their belt having played all around the area, and new ideas in their head they look emerse themselves in the music scene, which they’ve put a strong dent in after penning a gig at the Birmingham 02 on 18th May.  In the band we have:

Luke Pritchard – Lead Vox and Rhythm Guitar

Jay Hancox – Backing Vox and Lead Guitar

McCabe – Bass Guitar

Matty Adams – Drums


Having heard this track grow and develop It’s finally reached it’s true potential,with every element in the song hitting perfection throughout. With the Peace-esq intro and the thundering drums accompanying it, the ability to turn your head and not listen becomes harder, as it grabs your attention at the first second. Mixing their influences with hints of Peace and Reverend and the Makers jumping out in places, the vocals on the track are unique, as Pritchard’s vocals are as powerful as ever and are hard to draw comparisons to anyone. McCabe’s finger work on the bass is ever present and plays a huge part in making this song sound as it does, because it’s not a bass riff that sits behind everything, it’s quite happy to stand out at the front with the rest of the instruments. Choruses are the bulk of songs and make or break a it in truth, and this is something that wouldn’t sound out of place at a big festival with people jumping on each others backs when it hits.Breakdown parts in songs can sound out of place and a bit untidy sometimes, however this isn’t the case with ‘Levels’ as it compliments the song and sets up a huge ending with the chorus getting one last appearance and reminding us to press play just one more time.

It’s an earnest performance from Modern Minds, showcasing their capabilities and what’s in store for the future, definitely worth keeping an eye out for.





Bloom – Debut EP (Self – Produced) – Sophie Sparham



Birmingham has always had a grand reputation for rock music. It practically built the metal foundation and has carried on its legacy through great local venues, such as the Flapper, Actress and Bishop and Scruffy Murphy’s and with brilliant unsigned acts. Bloom are no exception to this rule.

The four piece; Robert Laity, Nick Pearson, Graeme Grace and Mark Corabii, have been making music since they formed in late 2009. Bloom take influences from bands such as The Cure, Joy Division, Pink Floyd and Muse and when listening to them it is not hard to tell. They remind me of slow progressive rock combined with Gallagher-esque vocals and a hint of grunge styled guitars.

I decided to check out the band’s E.P and in doing so found myself drifting into their experimental world. The first track, simply called ‘Untitled’, transports me into some sad, mythical world. The combination of perfectly mixed guitars creates both sad and beautiful riffs, building throughout until it finally fades away; preparing the listener for the main event.

Moving away from the almost folky intro, ‘Nightmare’ takes a more indie root, with a set of angsty lyrics that brought me back to the cold streets of Birmingham.  The full distortion kicked in, when moving onto ‘Buzzfuck’, one of the catchiest songs off the E.P.

Finally the listening experience finishes with the grungy ‘Vampyre’. For me, this is one of the noisiest tracks on the album and my personal favourite.  It mixes thrashing drums and violent guitars and in a way almost sounds messy. However, this is the exact reason why it’s my favourite.

All in all, the whole E.P has a cool and eerie feel, packed with slow and moody tracks.  It incorporates heavy distortion with experimental sounds of strange chimes and footsteps. It’s extremely layered, rising and falling throughout; combining the heavy riffs and slow build ups. From start to finish, Bloom take you on a journey through the darker side of indie and trust me, it’s definitely somewhere you want to go.

Check out their stuff on their Soundcloud! –

You can catch the guys  live then check them out on Wednesday 20th February at the Dublin Castle in Camden or on 16th of March Cold Fields at their EP launch at The Flapper!

Get. On. It.

Looca – Unsigned Bands


Another band that’s been found off twitter, this band is quite close to home as they’re hailing Birmingham, UK (So you don’t wonder if it’s the USA one).  Taking influences from bands like Oasis, Kings of Leon, The Coral and Ocean Colour Scene which is quite obvious when you listen to the band. These are a three piece band, members consisting of Iain Gough – Vocals/Guitars, Dom Boyle – Bass/Vocals and Ant Heath – Drums. They reformed in late 2011, and they spent a lot of time writing songs so they were ready and prepared for some gigs in 2012. They have quite a growing fan base in the midlands and supporting CAST and The Musgraves have only helped that.

Their Music

I’m just reviewing one of their songs, they have four more tracks which you can listen to on their reverbnation page, which is…

This band is quite versatile, with their acoustic song ‘Goodbye Charlie’ (which is probably my favourite one) to their heavy their heavy guitar riffed ‘Chase The Dragon’, which is another one of my favourite ones, purely because of the solo.

‘Goodbye Charlie’ was the first song that I listened to by them, and it’s a really catchy song with, the lyrics and the beautiful acoustic guitar part in the background. It doesn’t  sound like one of the most complex of songs but perhaps that’s what makes it so good, because it is that simple. I also think the lyrics are a big part in ‘Goodbye Charlie’ because it doesn’t have any solos in it or anything, and I just think that’s what makes the lyrics such a integral part of this song and they really are some well written, well thought lyrics.

The lead singer reminds me of Tom Meighan a bit in his voice, because it sounds quite commanding but uplifting at the same time, you can see a good example of this in the song ‘I don’t need you anymore’, which also has a really catchy riff in it.


Another band, giving the world what it needs more of, MUSIC. Also they’re close to home so quite nice to do a review about a band that isn’t so far away. Lets get behind em’