Baywaves – ‘Only For Uz’ EP Review


Only For Uz is the debut EP for Spanish sensations Baywaves, and it may prove to be one of the most important steps in their music career. After impressing time and time again with their single releases, Baywaves have upped the ante by releasing this and it’s sure to pay off.

The EP kicks off with “Time is Passing U By”, a song that’s previously been covered here, its dreamy riffs and vocals soaked in haziness it’s difficult not to enjoy the song. Being alternative, it’s not so far removed that a casual music fan cannot enjoy it, a swift move from the band.

“The Freak Kingdom” and “To the North” provide the filling in the EP, if the EP was a sandwich. They both follow suit from the opener as the maestros continue to provide you with a unique sound, which gives you a floaty feeling. The band are heavily influenced by the Tame Impala and it’s shown here, however they haven’t ripped off or rehashed something Tame Impala have already done as Baywaves have kept them simply as an influence.

Reaching the end of the EP was hard to come to terms with after listening through, because it leaves you aching for more which is always a good sign. “Marsupilami” wraps the EP up exquisitely as it is the catchiest of the bunch, with vibrant sounds providing exotic colours for your eyes, you’re left in a dreamland of sorts. The guitar work in here is played to perfection, giving the vocals a bed to thrive on.

The only criticism that could be found about this EP is that it’s not long enough; the guys truly did themselves justice with a release like this. Knowing how hard the band work and, how far they’re willing to travel to make something of this there’s a massive amount of respect towards this EP. This should be their pin on the map and the catalyst for bigger things, bring on the album!

Words By Alex Wise @al4563



10 questions for Baywaves!



First things first how did you come to be?
We began as a duo in the north of Spain and started to jam for fun and learning to record it. The rest is pure Internet magic. We uploaded our first two demos to Soundcloud and received an unexpected good feedback from blogs and gig promoters all over the world. That was what pushed us through to make it real and completed the band with two guys we met by… Internet haha

What genre of music would you say you play?
We’ve been tagged as hipnopop and we guess it fits really well with our music: pop with an hypnotic wrapping.

Which bands/artists do you take influences from?
The background of each member are really different, but we enjoy as a band a lot of common things and are always looking for new sounds, from hip hop to psych pop or latin music.

Best venue you’ve ever played and why?
Really love the vibe from Dabadaba in San Sebastián. We supported Boogarins there and we are coming back this month with our EP tour!

Best gig you’ve ever attended?
Some weeks ago we went to see Alien Tango in Madrid and it blew our minds.

A band you would most like to support and why?
We absolutely love MGMT and their approach to music, shows, etc, so yeah, that would be huge for us.

A band that you would like to work with?
A lot, man! Would love to have some vocals from Kali Uchis.

Top five albums you’ve ever heard?
It’s almost impossible to make an All-Time list, so here there goes some albums we’re enjoying right now: Mild High Club – Timeline, Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly, Anderson Paak – Malibu, Elliott Smith – Figure 8, Fanso – Acid House.

Biggest accomplishment as a band/solo artist?
In terms of “popularity”, probably being part of this Primavera Sound line-up.

What’s next in the pipeline?
Our debut EP is coming out this month and we’re making our first tour, couldn’t be more excited! It starts out with a UK trip: we’re playing Shacklewell Arms 30/3 and The Monarch 31/3 in London, and Sticky Mike’s 1/4 in Brighton. It’s our first time there so we hope y’all can make it and give us a welcome! Then we have 10 dates or so in our country, visiting a lot of cool cities and amazing festivals such as Primavera Sound, SOS, Vida or Quintanilha. Really looking forward to meet everyone.

Thank you guys for your time, you’re awesome all the best for the future!

New music now! Baywaves – ‘Time is Passing U By’



A couple of days ago we featured Baywaves and promised that their next piece music would be special. So here’s the next song and here’s how special it is.

Once again the band or their psychcadelic side take over and infuse with pop for good measure. Once again the Tame Impala themes are true without shame as they make it their own. The song also has a hint of the Pixies embedded in with it, especially with magical sounding guitar which fills your ears without asking. The song is incredibly funky from start to finish and is completely different to what a lot of bands are doing.

The EP is released on March 25 on Foehn Records, so if you enjoyed this track and “Marsupilami”, it’s a must purchase.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563


New music now! Baywaves – ‘Marsupilami’




Baywaves are not new to WFM because we featured them many moons ago, so fast forward a year or so and where are the band now?

Well they’re still together which is always a good thing and, they’ve continued to make awesome music with ‘Marsupilami’ to prove it. The Spanish band have created quite the buzz over in Spain which has seen them get signed by Foehn Records.

The track takes a lot of influence from Tame Impala with their spaced out vocals and fuzzy guitar, however they take a more pop route with their ridiculously catchy hooks and chorus. The band have told me they give a lot of credit to King Gizzard man Joe Walke for their sound, which is larger than life at times.

This will feature on their upcoming EP ‘Only For Uz’ which is setting itself up to be a promising release.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563



Baywaves – To The North


Band: Baywaves

Hometown: Unknown

Sounds like: DIIV

I often wonder whether a song injected to the brim with clear influences is a bad thing, for Baywaves it certainly isn’t. ‘To The North’ basically gives the listener it’s influence on a plate, and despite it being derivative, it provides a refreshing image of a warm breezy summer evening. What’s most endearing is the clean, simplest drum beat going which completely garnishes the song.

The effects used on the guitar act as ‘To The North’s’ back bone, with leads as juicy as Mac Demarco’s, sadly they’re sparse on this track. Despite the vocals being slightly overpowered by the other instruments, they give a DIIV-esque atmosphere to the track. Production wise, ‘To The North’ is great, the reverb isn’t too much, but even if it would be, it’d only add to the subliminal, hazy mood this single has. Chilled, dark, and mellow. In fact I bet someone’s blowing smoke rings to this one, right now.





Words By Saagar Kaushik