Top 10 Albums to look forward to in 2018!

With 2017 being such a good year for music with Father John Misty releasing a great album, along with Wolf Alice and Mount Eerie also producing two top class albums, what should we be looking forward to in 2018?

10. Table Scraps – ‘Autonomy’ 

February 2018

This is a bit of a cheat on my side as I have already heard the album, however it still will be big when it’s released in February. Table Scraps have been around for a while now and have released some great EP’s and Singles, but they are yet to release the big one. Finally this year they have bought it to us, and you will not want to miss it. Filled with heavy guitars and punching drums, each song has it’s own swagger and it will surely be an underdog for one of the albums of the year.

9. Pale Waves – ‘TBA’

After hearing so many great things about this band, it’s exciting to see what they can produce over an album. They’ve already had some good releases with ‘My Obsession‘ and ‘Television Romance‘ , but it’s quite the challenge to produce something of that quality over the course of a 10-12 song stretch.

8. Peace – ‘TBA’

The Birmingham band haven’t released an album since 2015 with ‘Happy People’ however they still have people waiting on the edge of their seat for their brand new album. After releasing ‘From Under Liquid Glass’ they’ve got people talking, and if the album piggie backs from what that song gave us, it’s certain it will be another strong release from the established PEACE.


CHUVRCHES were a band that were heavily lauded in 2013 with their release of their debut album  ‘The Bones Of What You Believe’,  as they managed to bring a twist to an electronic sound that was slowly losing pace. After the release of their second album, the band clearly showed that they still have so much to offer, hopefully 2018 they can prove that.

6. The Vaccines – ‘TBA’


5. The 1975 – ‘Music For Cars’

The 1975 seems to have always been fighting off this plastic hollow-pop stereotype since they were favoured so heavily by the likes of Radio 1 and getting quite a lot of publicity. However Matt Healy and the guys have such a lot to offer, as they dive into depths of what it’s like being a kid, growing up and falling in love. The bed of music they produce along with Matts unique vocal style, they bring something different to the table, and ‘Music For Cars’ will defnitely be another good installment from the band.

4.  Julian Casablancas & The Voidz – ‘TBA’

Since the start of The Strokes Julian Casablancas has established himself as a unique vocalist that never seems to put out anything bad. His music always has that raw edge, while he always puts his own label on it. However his run with The Voidz hasn’t kicked off the way it perhaps should have, with their debut album not leaving a lasting impression. It will be interesting to hear now the band have spent some real time together crafting this new album.

Frank Ocean has become a loved artist in many genres because of the innovative and versatile albums that he’s put together. Whether it’s rapping, singing or harmonising, he can do it to a very good standard. Blonde was incredible back in 2016, and with this habit of making everything he touches turn to sweet music, this new project looks promising.

2. Arctic Monkeys -‘TBA’

Ah, the Arctic Monkeys, the ever changing band that consistently put out great tunes since they first banded together. However their latest instalment ‘AM‘ gathered the band some mixed reactions, which they have never be shy of as pockets of fans clamour for the days when Turner would sing about drinking in Sheffield. As much as some hope I don’t think this new album will be a return to the past, but another move on into the future as the bad constantly evolve, and the same is bound to happen again.

1- Father John Misty -‘TBA’

After last years album Father John Misty well and truly put himself on the map, as he released possibly the best album in 2017. Also with another one on the way, if this could be just as good we could be looking at a very special period for Josh Tillman as he corners songwriting and has it at his mercy. I don’t know how long FJM is planning to keep this run going, but while it is lets just drink coffee and enjoy.

TOTD- 28/092015 – Glastonbury Headliners…



With the Glastonbury tickets going on sale soon, we must prepare for the rumours that will ensue on every music website, including this one.

So like every year we will have the dream legendary headliners, these would include David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones including many more. Of course these three acts would all be amazing to top off the weekend because of their legendary status and would without doubt make the weekend special. The last time Bowie headlined was back in 2000, and The Stones in 2013, so Fleetwood Mac would extra special as they’ve never headlined.

Then we have the hopeful reunion bands headlining, these being The Stone Roses, Oasis and The Smiths. As much as the World would love a Smiths reunion, there is 99.9% chance of it not happening, Mozza has come out many a time to squash the rumours as has Johnny Marr. Oasis has said if the money is right they’d do it, and since The Stone Roses came back for those couple of gigs they disappeared again. Of course Oasis would be incredible, and out of these three they’d probably be the most likely.

Finally we have the likely acts, those being Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys. Seen as Foo Fighters couldn’t do it this year, it’s more thank likely they will be back for next year. Kings of Leon haven’t headlined since 2008 and, they always will sell tickets so it wouldn’t be surprising if they came back for next year. Lastly the Arctic Monkeys, it’s obvious they’re the standout UK band at the moment, and seen as they haven’t headlined since 2013 why not come back for next year after their long hiatus.

Words By Alex Wise @al4563

Sisteray – Happy Ending


The Band: Sisteray

Hometown: The Big LDN

Sounds Like/Influences: Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, The Who

Reviewed these lads a few times, and have a become a bit of a fan of theirs, and this song has just cemented that slightly more. The jumpy and happy introduction to the song sets the tempo rather nicely as the rest of the song aims to carry this out throughout the song. The laid back vocals of Niall Rowan could easily be badly received because they’re an acquired taste, but I’m one that seems to enjoy the simple talking vocals, perhaps because it makes it easier for me to sing along too.

The song has every component to be an indie song, the riff, the miniature solo and foremost the lyrics that consistently talk about smoking, going out and a girl.  The lads pull it off nicely, making an easy listening tune that kills a couple of minutes, however Sisterays earlier material still proves to be the most strongest as the guitars are blaring and the tracks are much more in your face.





Words by Alex Wise


Shoot The Rabbit – Scribble EP


Band: Shoot The Rabbit


Boys in the band: David Bullough – Lead Guitar & Vocals , Rhodri Davies – Drums, Matt Norton – Bass, Adam Taylor – Rhythm Guitar

Sounds Like: Arctic Monkeys, The Maccabees

‘Scribble’ EP

Shoot the Rabbits intentions are clear throughout the EP, which is to create enticing, catchy and beautiful good old fashioned indie music, and they demonstrate this perfectly in the EP. Some bands now class themselves as indie, and when you’re listening to you feel led astray because it’s not really indie, it’s just some alternative nonsense, this won’t happen with STR as they deliver what they said they would.


From start to finish we’re gifted with fun and intrinsic riffs, which sound like something you’d hear off an early Maccabee’s album or perhaps an early Arctic Monkeys album. The first track ‘Scribble’ is what is described as indie music, pacey, catchy, seductive vocals and marginally lo-fi. The substance of the track lies with the lyrics as they prove to be clever and witty, something that Mr.Turner himself would perhaps write. It’s a bright and lively opening to the EP, which runs into the next song ‘No bugs or flies around me’.

Once again this features a toe-tapping riff that could linger around your head for days, this isn’t helped either by how jumpy it is in parts. This track easily paints a picture of how it would be received live, with people jumping from wall to wall as they try to keep up with the singing and the pace of the song, which is something that rarely ends well. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the first Arctic Monkeys album, because the song could’ve snuck itself onto the track list without anyone realising. The final track ‘Best Keep Quiet’ take as slight turn down to XX avenue, with the intro and the riff inherently reminding me of their distinct style. Although they seem to take a different root for this song, they seem to pull it off. However, the breakdown part is a bit scrappy and runs on for a bit too long, but we are rewarded after that long breakdown with a huge ending that would go down so well live.

To get the full brash effect of this EP, your speakers need to be relatively loud so you can appreciate every element in there. After listening to the EP, I will be keeping my eyes wide open, looking out for a pair of STR tickets round my area.






The Domino Set – British Romance (EP)

Domino set


Like the majority of bands we feature on here, these guys are a four piece indie band, but here’s the twist they’re from a different place, Shropshire. Since forming in 2011, the midlands based band have took off relatively fast, having already supported the fine Scottish four piece The View and heavily underrated General Fiasco. Playing these shows gained them some well-earned reputation and with their debut EP creating quite a buzz, this only added to it.

The Boys in the Band:

Lee Roberts – Vocals/Guitar
Russel Greene -Guitar
David parry – Bass
Kris Hill – Drums

Domino set

British Romance EP

With the commanding drums, which sound very similar to marching drums at the start of ‘British Romance’, the EP gets underway. There are definite connotations of the early Monkey’s material with this song, as the sharp choppy strokes come through and remind of the 2003, where guitar bands were coming through thick and fast, and could possibly be argues as one of the best times for guitar music. Bar the Scottish accent you could draw some links between Roberts and Kyle Falconer’s voice, as they both seem to be able to give a song a new level to it, with the uplifting vocals. The chorus without doubt is the life of this song as everything becomes loud and is in full bloom, the only feature missing is a nice little solo, nothing too long, but a tiny solo. ‘You don’t listen’ is the second on the EP and also the closer; once again it’s another bouncy and punchy riff which serenades in our ears. It has a very Turner-esque style to the verse’s lyrics as they’re lengthy, catchy and witty, and needless to say they’re well delivered once again. The trebly guitar is dominant in this one, as the riff is appearing in every place it can, creating an indie – pop feel to it.

Although it’s a little short, there aren’t many faults pick with EP, the indie pop remains consistent throughout with the riffs taking much of the credit for it. With some new songs on the way, the next EP/Album release looks promising and we should be looking forward to what else these lads can bring to the musical table.





The Outfits – The Outfits EP – Unsigned Bands

The OutfitsIntro

The Outfits are a band from the great city of Sheffield, which have been the culprits of giving us incredible bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Pulp and Reverend and The Makers, and they’re are now the place to point the finger at for giving us another promising prospect. Like most bands on the site they’re an indie rock band taking and showcasing influences from well in their words, anything and everything. The band is made up of:-

Rob Sambrook (Lead Vocals/Guitar)

Michael White (Guitar)

Martin Walker (Bass)

Lee Barkley (Drums)

So after that brief introduction, lets move on to the most important element, the music.

The EP

The EP boasts an incredible start with the drums crashing in and making an impact that should only really be made when The Cribs start playing ‘Back to The Bolthole’. In the vocals you can hear that slight Sheffield swagger which most Sheffield front men have, just take a look at Alex Turner in ‘I bet you look good on the dancefloor’, that first line. This guitar heavy opener could easily make any moderately bored human turn their head, listen and pay attention to what’s entering their ears.

Once again in the second song ‘Suzie’ the drums immediately draw you in with a beat that you’ll find yourself tapping next time your at a desk, or perhaps your a knee tapper, and then in that case you’ll be thinking about tapping now. There’s some smart guitar riffage going on in the background to coincide with the unique vocals of Sambrook. It’s the tamest song on the EP, but I also think it’s the most beautiful song on the EP, It doesn’t scream attitude or it doesn’t have the decibels to compete with the opener ‘Sweep’, but does have one catchy hook-line.

‘Rollercoaster’ is the next song up, which brings the potent sound of the drums to the full front of things again. This song has everything which includes a catchy chorus, a blaring solo, a drum beat to keep your toe tapping, a riff that keeps you hooked and even a Beatles reference with the line “I’ve got a ticket to ride my lady”.

‘Headspin’ could possibly be my favorite song on the EP purely because of that blistering guitar part at the beginning of the song which tugs you into the song like your girlfriend does when she wants to get you on the dance floor, and speaking of dance floors this is easily a song that could make you lose your head for the best part of 2 minutes and 46 seconds.


Another band produced from which Is considered one of the finest place for guitar music, could easily see this lads get the crowd moving, a definite band to keep your eye on to see what’ coming next.





Arctic Monkeys to play Olympics? Lets hope so.


Heard some rather very interesting new yesterday about the Olympics which made me immediately want to watch the opening ceremony, because I wasn’t to bothered before. This is the news that the Arctic Monkeys will be playing at the opening ceremony and that’s what should be happening, we’re a great country for music, we have some of the best bands in the world, better than any other country so we should just showcase all of these acts.

When everyone was talking about what should be done at the opening ceremony, I just thought lets have a massive concert with a few beers? 3 hours? we can cover that easily with these bands if they all have half hour on stage, then get on with the games. Here’s what should of been planned

















Arctic Monkeys – Teddy Picker

Them, just looking cool and shit.


I love the Arctic Monkeys new stuff, I think it’s really different, quite experimental and just genuinely brilliant. However, you can’t beat a bit of their old material, I mean not a lot of bands have a brilliant first album *cough* Libertines, but they did. Then they followed it up with an album which is equally good I believe, Favourite Worst Nightmare is probably one of the most favourite albums, and mainly because it’s got this fucking brilliant tune on, which never fails to get me to start jumping in my car, sounds like it’s impossible, but if you really try it’s achievable, not very rewarding though.

The boys, when they were young, well they're young now, but there even younger in this photo.

When I went to see them live, this is the first song they played and right they were to play it because this song could get you up for anything for instance going to the shops, walking the dog or going to funeral, you get it now, it gets you up for literally anything. One thing Alex is just a complete master at,apart from all the other million things he’s a master at is he can come up with just simple, catchy but perfect  riffs. Showed this talent on a number of occasions, I’m not going to make out a list, if you really wanna find out, have a listen. Another brilliant things Alex is good at is writing extremely clever, witty and wordy lyrics for e.g. “Despair to the point where they provoke You to tell the fucking punchline before you have told the joke”. Again, if you wanna find out listen to some of his other songs, I’ll put the songs below so you can have a bit of a gander.

Wanna know a bit of a fact they may or may not be true, make of it what you will:

The phrase “teddy picker” refers to an arcade game where a toy crane is maneuvered by a joystick to pick out a prize such as a teddy bear.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm….. Interesting.