Allusondrugs – Stir


Band: Allusondrugs

Hometown: Castleford (West Yorkshire)

With a name like Allusondrugs you sort of get inkling about what you’re in for when you listen to their music, droning guitars, screeching vocals and not everybody’s cup of tea. The band live up to all of these expectations that have been laid out, and to some extent surpass them. ‘Stir’ is a guitar heavy song with vocals so haunting your socks would come off, the powerful guitar the most prominent part in the song as it sends shivers down your spine every time it appears.

A band with a name like this could easily be pigeon holed and discarded, but Allusondrugs have done everything in their power (Musically) to break out of that bracket as they prove they should be considered a good upcoming band, which they’ve easily done with this song along with the many others that lie in their bag.