Alfies Dad and The Others – Lost Boys

Lost BoysIntro

This is a special band because they’re old enough to be One Directions Dads, and they’ve been going for years trying to make it big, however as they’ve got older they just want to make music and to steal their quote they want  ‘become a small as we can’, which is a very meaningful statement. They’ve set up they’re own record label, whilst doing as few gigs as they can get away with, which worked for The Beatles (at the end of their tenure). After honing their sound and perfecting it, it’s turned into some very alternative rock music, with a special sound to it. Although you may never get the chance to see these guys live, they make up for it because they will be giving away as much free music as possible, which is the kindest deed any music act can do in my eyes. Hailing from Manchester, a very rich place for music, they don’t disappoint with a sound so good it could tear you ears off.

‘Lost Boys’

They worked incredibly hard in producing this song, to achieve the sound they obtained for the song, and it’s a gift from the band really because the sound is definitely haunting in some parts, putting you in a place where your surrounded by ghosts. The riffage for this song is very catchy mainly because of that jangly feel to it which makes it that bit more endearing to listen to. The song gradually leads into the chorus with a bridge that even some of the most established bands would like to have. There’s a small instrumental part that exists just towards the end of the song, which just emphasis how goosebumps and eerie this song is, because even without the lyrics it manages to keep you on edge and hooked. This song is part of an extremely addictive EP, which should be listened by all people that have enjoyed this song, because there’s consistency throughout the EP, which you don’t seem to get a lot of now.

This band will be worth keeping an eye on, because they won’t be gigging so much means they will have more time to create music, and not just your ten a penny song, they will be songs worth listening too and taking note of.