The Domino Set – British Romance (EP)

Domino set


Like the majority of bands we feature on here, these guys are a four piece indie band, but here’s the twist they’re from a different place, Shropshire. Since forming in 2011, the midlands based band have took off relatively fast, having already supported the fine Scottish four piece The View and heavily underrated General Fiasco. Playing these shows gained them some well-earned reputation and with their debut EP creating quite a buzz, this only added to it.

The Boys in the Band:

Lee Roberts – Vocals/Guitar
Russel Greene -Guitar
David parry – Bass
Kris Hill – Drums

Domino set

British Romance EP

With the commanding drums, which sound very similar to marching drums at the start of ‘British Romance’, the EP gets underway. There are definite connotations of the early Monkey’s material with this song, as the sharp choppy strokes come through and remind of the 2003, where guitar bands were coming through thick and fast, and could possibly be argues as one of the best times for guitar music. Bar the Scottish accent you could draw some links between Roberts and Kyle Falconer’s voice, as they both seem to be able to give a song a new level to it, with the uplifting vocals. The chorus without doubt is the life of this song as everything becomes loud and is in full bloom, the only feature missing is a nice little solo, nothing too long, but a tiny solo. ‘You don’t listen’ is the second on the EP and also the closer; once again it’s another bouncy and punchy riff which serenades in our ears. It has a very Turner-esque style to the verse’s lyrics as they’re lengthy, catchy and witty, and needless to say they’re well delivered once again. The trebly guitar is dominant in this one, as the riff is appearing in every place it can, creating an indie – pop feel to it.

Although it’s a little short, there aren’t many faults pick with EP, the indie pop remains consistent throughout with the riffs taking much of the credit for it. With some new songs on the way, the next EP/Album release looks promising and we should be looking forward to what else these lads can bring to the musical table.





The Outfits – The Outfits EP – Unsigned Bands

The OutfitsIntro

The Outfits are a band from the great city of Sheffield, which have been the culprits of giving us incredible bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Pulp and Reverend and The Makers, and they’re are now the place to point the finger at for giving us another promising prospect. Like most bands on the site they’re an indie rock band taking and showcasing influences from well in their words, anything and everything. The band is made up of:-

Rob Sambrook (Lead Vocals/Guitar)

Michael White (Guitar)

Martin Walker (Bass)

Lee Barkley (Drums)

So after that brief introduction, lets move on to the most important element, the music.

The EP

The EP boasts an incredible start with the drums crashing in and making an impact that should only really be made when The Cribs start playing ‘Back to The Bolthole’. In the vocals you can hear that slight Sheffield swagger which most Sheffield front men have, just take a look at Alex Turner in ‘I bet you look good on the dancefloor’, that first line. This guitar heavy opener could easily make any moderately bored human turn their head, listen and pay attention to what’s entering their ears.

Once again in the second song ‘Suzie’ the drums immediately draw you in with a beat that you’ll find yourself tapping next time your at a desk, or perhaps your a knee tapper, and then in that case you’ll be thinking about tapping now. There’s some smart guitar riffage going on in the background to coincide with the unique vocals of Sambrook. It’s the tamest song on the EP, but I also think it’s the most beautiful song on the EP, It doesn’t scream attitude or it doesn’t have the decibels to compete with the opener ‘Sweep’, but does have one catchy hook-line.

‘Rollercoaster’ is the next song up, which brings the potent sound of the drums to the full front of things again. This song has everything which includes a catchy chorus, a blaring solo, a drum beat to keep your toe tapping, a riff that keeps you hooked and even a Beatles reference with the line “I’ve got a ticket to ride my lady”.

‘Headspin’ could possibly be my favorite song on the EP purely because of that blistering guitar part at the beginning of the song which tugs you into the song like your girlfriend does when she wants to get you on the dance floor, and speaking of dance floors this is easily a song that could make you lose your head for the best part of 2 minutes and 46 seconds.


Another band produced from which Is considered one of the finest place for guitar music, could easily see this lads get the crowd moving, a definite band to keep your eye on to see what’ coming next.





Miles Kane – First of my kind

Miles Kane - First of my kind

Bit late I know, well only a day late but still late. Miles’ new track, which will be on his new EP that will be coming out on the April 21st, which I’m really excited about because his first album was such a s success, probably one of my favourites albums that I’ve got.

If you liked all the songs on the first album then you will like this, because it’s more of the same stuff, he’s Lennon-like vocals screaming on the track, loud, and quite horrifying at the beginning of the song, a lot like some of The Last of The Shadow Puppets Stuff. His lyrics just keep getting better, and I think that this song proves that.

When Miles first album came out, I didn’t really think it was going to be as good as it was (it stayed in my car for a good month), and now he’s following it up with this equally as strong, if not stronger song. I think we can expect good things of this EP, and expect good things off Miles for a long time, whether with or without Turner.




Arctic Monkeys – Teddy Picker

Them, just looking cool and shit.


I love the Arctic Monkeys new stuff, I think it’s really different, quite experimental and just genuinely brilliant. However, you can’t beat a bit of their old material, I mean not a lot of bands have a brilliant first album *cough* Libertines, but they did. Then they followed it up with an album which is equally good I believe, Favourite Worst Nightmare is probably one of the most favourite albums, and mainly because it’s got this fucking brilliant tune on, which never fails to get me to start jumping in my car, sounds like it’s impossible, but if you really try it’s achievable, not very rewarding though.

The boys, when they were young, well they're young now, but there even younger in this photo.

When I went to see them live, this is the first song they played and right they were to play it because this song could get you up for anything for instance going to the shops, walking the dog or going to funeral, you get it now, it gets you up for literally anything. One thing Alex is just a complete master at,apart from all the other million things he’s a master at is he can come up with just simple, catchy but perfect  riffs. Showed this talent on a number of occasions, I’m not going to make out a list, if you really wanna find out, have a listen. Another brilliant things Alex is good at is writing extremely clever, witty and wordy lyrics for e.g. “Despair to the point where they provoke You to tell the fucking punchline before you have told the joke”. Again, if you wanna find out listen to some of his other songs, I’ll put the songs below so you can have a bit of a gander.

Wanna know a bit of a fact they may or may not be true, make of it what you will:

The phrase “teddy picker” refers to an arcade game where a toy crane is maneuvered by a joystick to pick out a prize such as a teddy bear.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm….. Interesting.

The Last of the Shadow Puppets – The Age Of The understatement

Right, writing about this song because me and my mate were practising and it was hard, and I had the fucking easier bit, not completely easy but easy compared to what my mate was doing, dunno how the fuck he was doing it. Of course when I write that I’m writing about the  strumming for this song, Turner looks like he’s gonna explode all over Miles and his beautiful face.

The lads, just chilling out, looking sexy and that

Of course this song was on their first and only album (not for long I hope, and I’m sure lots of other people are hoping too) , the songs was also titled as the albums name. Before I look at the song, the album is brilliant, there’s not many albums where I can listen to all the songs without skipping them and this is one of them, however some of them are quite short and you’re just shouting at the CD player (or whatever you play it on) ‘one more verse lads, so I can hear that chorus one more time’, but I suppose that’s one of the factors that make it so brilliant, it leaves you wanting more.

I think the song is a brilliantly pieced together, with Miles chipping in every now and then with a little diddy, which really adds a lot to the piece. Even though Turner is teaming up with Miles for this, I don’t think it takes anything away from his song writing technique with those long wordy lyrics, and sometimes I don’t know how it fits in, if anything I think Miles brings a lot to the table and brings a good mix. If anything I think Miles and Alex have a brilliant repertoire, which is quite rare and people struggle to find that even after years of being together. I also like how fast paced it is, and keeps that speed throughout the whole song and doesn’t slow down.

So yeah, brilliant song and hopefully the lads will grace the world with another album of theirs, if we could be so lucky. If you like this song it’s worth having a look at some of their other songs. HAVE A LISTEN!