WFM Introducing…Soham De!



There’s only so many ways that you can play the guitar until it starts to sound terrible, but Soham De seems to have mastered every which way you can play and make it sound impeccable. After starting writing songs at the age of 10, Soham has grown into a mature and highly skilled guitariat which is at the peak of his powers at the moment and still show signs of development.


In this particular video Soham undoubtedly shows off his skills while creating a powerful song that could be felt by anyone. There are influences from the likes of Ben Howard and Newton Faulkner, yet he only takes dashes of their work as he adds his own flavor throughout each of his own songs. Soham also has this very soulful voice for such a young singer, but he doesn’t let himself get carried away and try to overpower every song, by only pulling out the high vocals when needed.

With the quality music in place,  Soham has done the hard part as he now just has to continue to grow his fan base steadily and continue to consistently write good music that cannot be mimicked. The only thing to do now is go through his complete catalog and wait patiently for any new music he brings out.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

WFM Introducing…Small Change!


After listening to the music that was sent to us yesterday we finally found the band to feature today, we give you Small Change! The two piece are a relatively new outfit from Bristol and have their roots fairly buried in soft and slow acoustic music.

‘Untitled’ is a stripped back acoustic song that has raw sound, as the recording has a bootleg type feel to it which gives it a charm.

Their songs are beautifully simple with only the need of a guitar and vocals to capture their unique sound. Although the style won’t revolutionise the World, it will definitely bring up some bright spots with songs like ‘Mother’ and ‘The Sting’ bothof which can be found at

Words by Alex Wise @al4563



Wfm introducing…Bare traps!



With their new single being released tomorrow and their fan base rapidly growing, it’s an ideal time to introduce to you Bare Traps!

The four piece are made up from various parts of England, who create their music in Harrow, London. After deciding against getting real jobs they decided to throw all they can at becoming musician, and after listening to their first track they could be well on the way.

After creating a number of tracks to release throughout the rest of the year, the band are prepared to let their music speak for itself. Their sound could be likened to The 1975 and Bloc Party due to the use of the synth and infectious melodies, yet they do not let their influences cast a shadow over them.

To promote the release the band have leaked some teasers into the interweb and they’re well worth listening to get an ide of what they’re capable of.

After listening to the complete track, there are no concerns on my end.


Wfm introducing…False Advertising



As the quest goes on to find new and innovative music another discovery has been made by finding Manchester fuzz band False Advertising.

Apart from having one of the best band names that has ever been created, they actually have some quality material to keep you sticking around. After playing their first gig only a month ago the band have already released two mouth watering track from their upcoming album.

Their songs have enough qualities that separate them from a lot of other bands around now, yet they have a certain communality to them so they don’t alienate their listeners.

The band take influences from The Pixies and Yuck which comes across in their music however, it’s not so obvious that it sounds like a complete rip off.

With the band looking to make their first album after playing one gig, it seems the band have their sights set on picking up their momentum quickly and getting people interested fast. With songs like this and being placed in such a musical City like Manchester the band should have no problem picking up fans, which can only mean good news for the band.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on these guys,already cannot get their track out my head.

Words By Alex @al4563

Wfm Introducing…Dawn Gazers



After scrolling and searching around Soundcloud we finally hit goldust with dawn gazers, a dream pop three piece from Copenhagen.

The ultimate aim of the band is to just simply to make great pop songs, and with efforts like this it seems the band are doing a rather good job. Although they du. Their music as dream pop, their music and sound feel really lo-fo, something similar to what Comet Gain would do perhaps, especially with the vocals on ‘Weednesday Night’.

Anyway this band is hot, get liking,listening and sharing!

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

WFM Introducing…Brooklyn Lights!



Although they’ve only been going for a short period of 3-4 months Brooklyn Lights have been making some big steps and making people take notice.

The Birmingham band are a perfect example of how you can achieve so much in so little time, as they have already released three tracks in ’Young’, ‘Smile and a Wink’ and ‘Reminisce’, played a number of gigs and have an EP lined up. The band is making fast work of what normally is a long process, which can only be good news, as they are continuing to build on their momentum and strike while the iron is hot.

Their sound takes from traditional indie music with their catchy hooks and lyrics but they also have this larger than life sound doused in reverb, making the band sound incredibly big on their tracks. ‘Young’ is a perfect example of this as frontman Jay Hancox sings about the topic while leaving you impressed with his effortless guitar work.

Hopefully the band will build further on this momentum and continue to play frequently which will earn them a well-deserved fan base. In regards to the EP it should be a riot as they have given a clear indication of what to expect, and we can expect good things.

Words By Alex Wise @al4563

WFM Introducing…The Riviera!




For all indie pop enthusiasts, Manchester band  The Riviera will force you to keep your eyes and ears open. The boys have only been together for a short period of time but they have managed to accumulate a strong number of fans in Manchester and Online.

All this support prompted the band to record their debut EP ‘Where’s the Start’ where you can hear their memorable indie pop riffs with  a strong melodic tone. The EP is a well recorded piece of work which flaunts the bands talents throughout, ‘Humble’ is a perfect example of what the band are capable of and has gained the most attention off the EP.

If you are looking for indie music with a clean pop sound then The Riviera is the band to keep an eye on.


Words By Alex Wise @al4563

WFM Introducing…Twin Hidden!




May we introduce to you a five-piece band from Manchester that go by the name of Twin Hidden!

After starting out in early 2013 the band have been making good progress having released their debut EP ‘Make/Shift’ which received some good feedback and reviews, along with a strong number of lessons.

They dub their music a V POP, which suits the band very well as their music is ultimately pop with catchy riffs and lyrics all over the place.

They’re new song ‘Plastic Unicorn’ pop music dramatized as it introduces strings and a number of other elements which make it sound larger than life!

Words By Alex Wise @al4563

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WFM Introducing…Arctic Lake!


With our heads deeply bedded within new music, we have found another act that we should bring to your attention, feast you ears on Arctic Lake.

The band has just started their musical adventure and started strongly with the release of their debut single ‘How Long Can You Stare”. The song slowly drifts along with some excellent guitar work which contributes a lot to the ambient sound that Arctic lake were aiming for. The vocals provide a powerful contrast to floaty background; they completely lift the song up and give it that audible signature.

They seem to borrow influences from London Grammer and Daughter, however the vocals set them apart these two bands and make them a different act.

With such a strong start, It won’t be long until the band will be back with another big tune like this, please like and follow where possible!


WFM Introducing…Smashing Lads




Here’s another band that we have dug out from the depths of soundcloud to showcase to you, we bring you Smashing Lads. The Manchester four piece started out back in 2013, and since then they have made a decent impact by gaining 781 followers on twitter and fair amount of plays on Sound Cloud.

Their music replicates the indie Manchester scene, which we have seen demonstrated by a number of times by several bands. Their songs follow the good old fashioned song-writing format with straight forward chords, honest lyrics and vocals along with bits of Piano in places.

Unfortunately the band have only released demo’s on Soundcloud, however all of the songs that they have put up show promise and will only sound better when they’ve properly produced.

Follow them where you can!