Blurs night at the Brits

Thank god the cheif and blur turned up to Brits, because they made a bad night ,(with the likes of Ed Sheeran winning shit) better. I thought Noel would of played the upcoming single ‘dream on’, because it’s a great song, but nope played it cool with ‘aka…what a life’, great song but keep hearing it. I thought blur were brilliant, played the obvious with ‘song 2’ and ‘park life’ but still brilliant. A lot of people in my house were moaning a lot about Damons voice, but i kept telling them that he’s smoked for years, theyre high notes and it didn’t matter. Overall poor night, Noel and blur were brilliant and so glad that adeles speech got cut short, every time she started talking I wanted her to shut up, she’s had a load of Awards this year so if anything, too many speeches.

Pedro’s Comeback!

Finally Pedro (Pete Doherty, for those of you who don’t know). He came back with a quite hectic gig at the Brixton Jamm venue, I’ve tried to capture the gig on you tube, saw a few decent videos however none of them are really good quality but then again never expected. He also played a new song ‘Farmers daughter’, of what I could hear of it, it sounded pretty good. Really glad to see him back on the scene as it has been quite a while without him, and also with some new material, really glad to hear that. Hope fully this could be the start of a new album perhaps and maybe another solo tour, and If it’s not too much too ask A LIBERTINES REUNION.       Also he didn’t look as bad as I last saw him, so that’s got to be a positive. Come on Pedro, get back on track and fucking grace the world with your beautiful songs.

Stone Roses Confirm Two More Festivals

I know, the news is s couple of days old. It’s not the most significant (well it is if you like TSR and you unfortunately didn’t get a ticket to the Heaton Park gig). It was either this or me slagging off Bono because he said he thinks he sounds like a girl (he doesn’t, if a girl did sound like that she would need a voice operation, I don’t know what there called. Right! If you didn’t get your tickets to TSR gig at Heaton Park, make you get some tickets to this, why? Because this could be one of the last chances to see them. Perhaps they will do a UK tour, but still that won’t be as near as good as atmosphere as it would be at festival. Also if you don’t go to the festival, you’ll miss the urine that goes on you, and you’ll miss all the sick you should be doing. So yeah, get some tickets, treat yourself,. treat your girlfriend, treat your brother, treat your uncle, treat your dad, treat your nan, treat your mate who hates decent music and treat your ears.

Awaiting the other Gallagher Brother’s album


A lot of people have been quite torn about Oasis’ split, a lot of us don’t know what to believe. When Liam shot the first bullet and started speaking about what happened after the fight and discussing what happened, quite a few people jumped on his side (me included) because he’s the one who spoke first and you just wanted something to believe. Noel being Noel just sat back and listened what he had to say, got on with what he had to do (being a dad, writing new stuff etc) and people, including myself wanted to know what he thought. After a month or so Noel spoke out in a press conference, very professional and because he spoke in a calm way and using less swear words than Liam, people started to turn his way and take his side. Then again Noel has always been a media darling and Liam has always been the short fused, rash speaking angry one. Anyway you look at it, the point is they are both artists and their job is to create music for us to buy or just listen too.

I brought Beady eye’s album and all their 7 inch singles (mainly because I wanted to start a collection of something), but I generally brought Beady eye’s album because I wanted to see what they were bringing out. The album itself wasn’t great, didn’t light up the world and since buying it iv’e only listened to it about 4.5 times. For Liam’s first album where he wrote the majority of the songs, it was okay. Not deep lyrically, but I never expected that from him. I just expected loud aggressive songs with a certain word used quite frequently in most of the songs, which Is what I got and was rather happy. With Noel it’s different.

I expect a lot more musically and lyrically mainly because he’s a better guitarist and wrote tunes such as ‘don’t look back in anger’, ‘wonderwall’, ‘little by little’ and countless more just pop his name into you tube.

Being an Oasis fan I’m looking forward to Noel’s new material, I think it will be a bit different to his oasis stuff, obviously same words but a different feel. Personally, I don’t think Noel can lose because they’re a lot of die hard Noel Gallagher fans out there that will buy, like and listen to his songs purely just because his Noel Gallagher. Will it be better then Beady eye’s ‘Different Gear Still Speeding’? Who knows, only time will tell and only my blog will give my opinion of it.

Arctic Monkeys take ‘suck it and see’ to the Hollywood Bowl

I’m going to see these guys in November at the Birmingham LG Arena, which I’m looking forward too because Iv’e never went to see them before because I’ve only recently come in to some money, student loan *cough*.

Apparently, according to NME magazine they played a blinder of a gig along with Warpaint, TV on the Radio, Panda Bear and Smiths Western. Being the type of guy Alex Turner is, he like to have a laugh, doesn’t take himself to seriously he came on to the stage with entrance music of ‘you sexy thing’ by Hot Chocolate. Again he was wearing his leather jacket, seems to be wearing it quite a lot recently, and he also had his quiff. When I first saw this haircut, I thought it looked a bit like Danny in grease, not saying it’s a bad thing but it was quite brave. Then again he’s rich, people worship him, they love his music what does he care, I know that I wouldn’t.

Surprisingly only five of the songs they played were off the new album ‘suck it and see’, which were:

‘She’s Thunderstorms’

‘Don’t sit down cause I’ve moved your chair’

‘Brick by brick’

‘The Hellcat spangled shalalala’

‘All my own stunts’

So they left out a few of the songs off the new album I thought they would of played such as ‘Reckless Serenade’ , ‘Library pictures’ and ‘Black Treacle’ (not a big favorite but I’m quite fond of it). They also played five songs from their second album ‘favorite worst nightmare’. Two songs from their third album ‘Humbug’ and fours songs from their amazing first album ‘Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not’. So they didn’t forget to play any of their old classics, which is good because people still love to hear the’r old stuff, as I know a lot of people prefer their old stuff.

So glad to see them out, getting themselves warmed up for the UK tour, which I’m sure won’t be a let down. If you haven’t got a ticket, I’d consider it even if your not to keen on their new stuff they’re going to play there old material.