Single of the Week | The Post Romantics – ‘Call It Off’

The Post Romantics 1

The Post Romantics Release Debut Single ‘Call It Off’ and gets Single of the Week!

Single of the Week Sunday!

Liverpool band The Post Romantics have released their debut single ‘Call It Off’, proving that Liverpool have depth to their music scene.

The band is made up of three brothers and a close friend, making them very tight-knit and unique, comapared to a lot of other bands. Their new song has a dark-pop edge to it with the synths and the slow melodic pace, as it reeks of a failed love story. Instrumentally the song is very stripped back with subtle bits of xylophone (My best guess)  and a synth – but that’s all this song needed to combine with the vocals.

Listen Below:

Considering this is the bands debut single, they’ve set a high bar for themselves because it is very good. Looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring for the band, as i’m sure they’d love to capitalise on the momentum gained from this track.

If you’re around, go and see the band live when they support The Gold @ Hoxton Sq Bar & Kitchen on August 30th!

Tickets & Info 

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


New Release | Peach Club ‘- ‘Boy In A Band’

Peach Club by Kelvin Johnston
Photo by Kelvin Johnston

Peach Club tell it How it is in New Song ‘Boy In A Band’

Since discovering Peach Club at the start of the year I’ve been fan ever since, and kept an eye on what they’ve been upto! Which means I got very excited when they announced their new track ‘Boy In The Band’ was set to be released soon, and it’s finally here!

Their EP Cherry Baby was a stunner, with the amazing vocal performances along with the raucous musicality, read the full review here. After listening to the EP it prompted me to see them live, where they completely brought the EP alive with a beautifully animated performance, full review here.


This track is even more proof that Peach Club are one of the best pieces of evidence that  the Rrriot Grrrl movement is still very much alive. The reality they lay out in this track is raw and honest, and should be taken very seriously as they’re speaking from past experiences. To have the ability to put that into a song, and still have it carry that weight of truth is impressive.

Along with that the musicality of the song is completely in your face and unignorable, which is what it needs to be as it supports Kats voice so well. One thing they did so well on the EP was the catchy licks, and they’ve done it here again, being a real feature on the song.

Hope you all enjoyed the track, I cannot wait to see what else they do before the end of the year!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


New Release | The Clause release Video for ‘Tokyo’

Birmingham Band The Clause Share New Music Video for the Edgy ‘Tokyo’

Back in April Birmighan band The Clause released ‘Tokyo’ which could be argued as their best track to date. The rip roaring chorus made it’s way through Birmingham, firing the band among the conversation of best up and coming bands in the Second City.

Four months on and the band have released the gritty music video to go along with edgy track, with the band showing a bit of Birmingham off in some places. The sleek production of the video where the band is playing in a blacked out room is pretty cool, a very stylish touch.

The video is a great addition to the track as it gives it even more depth, and making it feel like the bands best release to date.

With this being released it proves that The Clause have a got a lot to offer, and I’m looking forward to see what they produce towards the end of the Year!

The band are playing the HUGE Birmingham Weekender at The Castle & Falcon which spreads across Friday 17th August – Sunday 19th!

Get your tickets – Here!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

New Release | Lions Of Dissent – ‘Honey From Hell’

Lions of Dissent create utter chaos in New Track ‘Honey From Hell’

Lions of Dissent are a 7 Piece band (or should I say septet) from Wolverhampton. Since starting out the band have dazzled with their extremely depthy music. This was showcased on the bands debut EP What Would It Feel Like To Be Free, which was released last year (2017).

The band are back with one hell of a track, after premiering on CLASH the song has picked up a lot of steam and it’s not hard to see why.

Honey From Hell’ has that chaotic & raw sound, which is fronted by the gritty guitars and underground sounding vocals. With 7 people in the band it gives them capabilities that other bands don’t have, which comes across in this song. The vocals are heavy and dynamic, helped by the fact they have some amazing backing vocals supporting the track. The song has a psychedelic edge to it which is driven by the repetitive riff, and the feeling like you’re always trying to catch up with the song itself.

Since starting out as a solo project Lions of Dissent have come a long way, and it’s clear to see the band has a lot more to offer!

Words by Alex Wise

New Release | Life At The Arcade – ‘Little Lies’

Little Lies

Life At The Arcade Release their Third Single!

This is one reason why you should be on the constant look out for new music, because you just don’t know what you might stumble upon. Liverpool band Life at the Arcade released their third single ‘Little Lies’ , and it looks as if the great city has another band to flaunt around the UK.

The track boasts slick vocals along with heart pumping bassline and a tasty chorus. The heavy reverb sound of the song along with the little hook gives impressions of Catfish and the Bottlemen, however the band very much have their own stamp with that Liverpool twang.

This has been added to the WFM 2018 Playlist, make sure you follow the Playlist to keep up with all New Music – Playlist Link.

The band have some shows coming up, so if you dig the track and you’re around make sure you’re there!


August 9th – This Feeling – The Monarch, London

September 22nd –  ALTR 2018 – St. John’s Minster, Preston

September 29th – Red Rum Club, Liverpool

Words by Alex Wise


New Release | Only Sun – ‘Fine’

Only Sun Photo by Faye Callard
Photo by Faye Callard

Only Sun prove their quality once again with ‘Fine’

Only Sun are having one of their busiest years yet as a band, as today marks their 8th release of 2018, and it has the same masterful quality as all the others they’ve released this year!

‘Fine’ is the latest addition to the bands repertoire and what a fine addition it is, pun intended, sorry.

The track has that upbeat Maccabees/Wombats pace which the band are becoming familiar with, as the track starts blissfully with a fuzzy guitar and wrecking ball drums. The in your face chorus with the line “Fine on your own” being the call is infectious, and would go down very well with a live crowd. Also I must point out the chaotic breakdown is a joy to listen to, as the guitar goes haywire and the drums go completely off the wall.

Listen below.

Their songs have a quintessential indie sound to them, and it’s done so well that feels fresh when it’s delivered at this level. At the end of this year Only Sun will have a plethora of songs in their catalogue with each of them providing this high energy performance from the band.

All I can say is I cannot wait until next month, as I know Only Sun will deliver yet again, amazing job boys!

Words By Alex Wise @AJWise

New Release | The Molochs – ‘Too Lost In Love’

The Molochs - Too Lost In Love

L.A Duo The Molochs release chilled track ‘Too Lost In Love’

This is the first time L.A duo The Molochs have been featured on WFM, and after this release I don’t think it will be their last

The band have released laid back, guitar strummer ‘Too Lost In Love’ and it’s a song which certainly belongs in the summer. The song has a don’t care attitude with a melody to stay around your head for days. The simple verses and chorus are inviting, making it accessible to sing along with the retro fuelled track.

This has been released ahead of the bands debut LP Flowers In The Spring which will be released September 7th Via L.A Label – Innovitive Leisure. I will be keeping a close eye on the band, and hopefully will get to see them live sometime soon!

What did you think of the track?

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


New Release | Hotel Mira – ‘Ginger Ale’

Hotel Mira - Giner Ale

Vancouver Three Piece Release Indie Banger ‘Ginger Ale

This is new, this is very new. With the weather still fresh as the sun continues to burn down on us there’s never a bad time for some new quintessential indie music.

Vancouver three piece Hotel Mira have released something that The Wombats and The Maccabees would both be proud of. They latest release ‘Ginger Ale’ has all the qualities of a summer indie hit.

The fast paced nature of the track is refreshing, and when combined with the insightful lyrics of a date which lead Lead Singer, Charlie Kerr, went on it makes it all the more interesting.

Kerr had this to say about the new track:

“‘Ginger Ale’ is about going on a date when I was on tour in London. And everything was going well but then I kept losing my train of thought by having these random, horrible flashbacks to fucked up things in my childhood. It got to the point where I could hardly hold a conversation. Becky, if you’re reading this, you are a wonderful, Scottish flower and I apologize for being so distracted and out of sorts that evening.”

You’re always told to write about what you know and it rings true here, nice save for apologizing at the end!

The bands debut EP will be released August 17th on all majour platforms, so be ready for some more indie hits on that!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Future Fires release Dark Video for ‘Far’

Birmingham Band Future Fires release Quality Video for Latest Single ‘Far’

If there wasn’t enough already musically going on around Birmingham, Future Fires have released a story fuelled video for their latest track ‘Far’.

After seeing them earlier this year at The Sunflower Lounge, it was evident that they were a band to keep tabs on as they had great stage presence, urging the crowd to move throughout their set.

The bands frantic and choppy style, which was on display that night, is reflected well througout the video. With the quick cuts and overall tempo of it, you really get a feel for the band when watching. The sound is very much from that early 00’s indie, which is great to hear when it’s done well, which these lads do. Also throughout the track the guitar work is tight and piercing, a shining feature and is one of Future Fires USP’s as an act.

Future Fires still are a young band with a lot to offer, so it’s promising when they’re releasing tracks like this. Also encouraging to see some effort has went into the video, something which a lot of bands don’t tend to take notice of.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


New Release | Wild Front Release New Track ‘Dive’!

Wild Front

Southampton Band Release one of their Hottest tracks yet!

Friday is always a good day for some new music and today we have something fresh! Four-Piece guitar band Wild Front have released brand new track ‘Dive’ and it’s so good that it’s made our 2018 Playlist!

The clean guitars travel through the air with ease, and the main riff at the heart of the track is impressive. The whole rhythm of the track is enticing as it doesn’t have that monotonous structure which a lot of bands walk into.

A great start to the second half of the year for the lads, and with their tour coming up and rumblings about their album in 2019 I can see that they will have a busy couple of months on their hands!